Nebraska’s new tourism campaign takes ‘honest’ approach: ‘There’s nothing to do here’

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The old motto and project promoting “ Nebraska Nice “supposedly showed to be a flop. (Nebraska Tourism Commission)

Nebraska ’ s brand-new tourist project is being met blended responses on social networks, as the Cornhusker State ’ s increasingly self-deprecating project sardonically highlights the extremely virtues it is typically buffooned for.

Released by the Nebraska Tourism Commission on Oct. 17, the searing mottos intend to capture customers ’ attention in a “ disruptive ” method and shatter viewed ideas while remembering the distinct “ marketing difficulties ” that the state deals with, the main news release states.

“ Lucky for you, there’ s absolutely nothing to do here, ” checks out one advertisement including a group of individuals drifting down a river.

“ To make individuals listen, you need to hook them in some way.”(Nebraska Tourism Commission)


“ Famous for our flat, uninteresting landscape, ” checks out an advertisement with an image of individuals treking — and leaping — throughout high rocks.

“ Another day on the dirty plains ” captions a signboard of kid hopping through a waterfall. Each advertisement is likewise accompanied by the summary of a motto and the state reading, “Honestly, it’s not for everybody.”

“This projectspeaks with their sense of experience and finding> what we as Nebraskans are everything about.”(Nebraska Tourism Commission)

The project itself was produced by Colorado ad agency Vladimir Jones, which ran test groups with out-of-state visitors most likely to go to Nebraska, Omaha World-Herald reports.

According to the outlet, the old motto and project promoting “ Nebraska Nice ” showed to be a flop with lots of.

“ It was necessary to the Nebraska Tourism personnel, marketing committee and Commissioners to be real to who we are and truthful about what we are not. Along each action of the method we were greatly associated with finding ourselves and what those beyond our borders felt and believed, ” Deb Loseke, Nebraska Tourism Commission chair, stated in the declaration. “ So we found that we can’t use something to everybody– however to those that we can, this project talks to their sense of experience and finding what we as Nebraskans are everything about. ”

“ To make individuals listen, you need to hook them in some way, ” state tourist director John Ricks likewise informed the World-Herald. “ We needed to shake individuals up. ”

Meanwhile, in the hours because the project went public, Twitter users both in Nebraska and beyond have actually had a great deal to state.

“ Honestly, it’s not for me. By leading with the unfavorable stereotypes it’s just drawing more attention to them. There’s a lot to be pleased with in Nebraska. Self-deprication feels lazy here, ” one critic clapped.

“ Wasted cash, ” another agreed.

Others wished for the return of mottos of days past, while others explained the brand-new stunt as “ amazing. ”


“ Love it! It is humor, it vibrant, it is attention getting and it is truthful! We are an incredible state inside [and] out! We likewise know we are not stress … glamour and glamour. We are easy, We are who we hellip &are; which is respectable!! #NebraskaProud ” one fan stated.

Whether or not the questionable brand-new advertisements stimulate tourist stays to be figured out.

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