Study Links Penis Size To Fertility

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A research study has actually raised brand-new concerns about how the size of a male penis impacts fertility.

Published in the journal Fertility and Sterility , the research study was led by Dr Austen Slade from the University of Utah. In the research study, the penises of 815 males aged 18 to 59 were determined in between 2014 and 2017. The outcomes tentatively recommended penis length was connected to fertility.

Those with a length balancing about 12.5 centimeters (4.9 inches) were discovered to have more troubles developing than those at 13.4 centimeters (5.3 inches), reported Healthline . It was recommended that hereditary or hereditary elements might play in function in fertility, although the precise reason for the link isn’ t clear.


“It might not be a striking distinction however there was a clear analytical significance,” stated Dr Austen. ” It stays to be figured out if there are various penile length cut-offs that would forecast more extreme infertility.”


But Healthline likewise explained some constraints with the research study. Significantly, it was not peer-reviewed, however rather provided at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver.

And Sheena Lewis, a professional in recreation from Queen’ s University Belfast, stated the findings were “ not truly medically functional ” yet, highlighting that it wasn’ t clear from the research study what a regular penis length was.

“ One thing that terrifies guys is that size matters, ” she stated, reported The Huffington Post . “ To now state they have a smaller sized possibility of ending up being a dad is not an excellent message.”


So it ’ s safe to state we can ’ t actually draw numerous conclusions from this research study at the minute without more findings or peer-reviewed information. And the science of male penis size stays rather unpredictable to state the least.

A research study back in 2016 tried to map typical penis sizes around the globe, however it attained really various outcomes to a previous research study in 2015. Other research study in 2016 discovered that guys tended to lie about their penis size anyhow, making research studies into this location especially difficult.

So while this most current research study might be some cause for issue, there’ s no requirement to be stressed right now depending upon which camp you fall under.

“ For now, males with much shorter penises wear’ t requirement to stress over fertility, ” stated Dr Slade.

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