‘The food supplement that ruined my liver’

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Image copyright Jim McCants

Jim McCants took green tea pills in a drive to get healthy in midlife. His physicians now state they left him requiring an immediate liver transplant, composes the BBC’s Tristan Quinn.

It ought to have been among the happiest days of his life. Jim McCants looks back on his youngest kid’s high school graduation with combined feelings. As he took a seat beside his better half Cathleen in the university auditorium, simply outside Dallas, Texas, she relied on take a look at him.

“She stated ‘Do you feel OKAY?'” Jim remembers. “I stated, ‘Yeah I feel great, why?’ ‘Your face is yellow, your eyes are yellow, you look awful.’ When I searched in the mirror it was stunning.”

It was stunning partially since Jim, then 50, had actually been dealing with enhancing his way of life and reducing weight, concentrating on consuming more healthily and taking routine workout.

“My daddy had a cardiac arrest at aged 59 and he did not make it,” states Jim. “There’s a lot that he lost out on with us and I was figured out to do what I can to look after myself as finest I can, so that I do not lose out.”

But not long after his child’s graduation, Jim was confessed to health center with a believed liver injury.

Image copyright Jim McCants
Image caption Jim, his child and his partner, at his boy’s graduation

Trying to recognize the reason for Jim’s liver injury, those treating him dismissed alcohol.

“For the last 30 years I consumed possibly a six-pack of beer a year, no white wine. Alcohol was not a huge part of my life,” Jim states.

They likewise dismissed prescription drugs – he wasn’t taking any at the time – and cigarette smoking, something he had actually never ever done.

“Then my hepatologist drilled in to, ‘What about any non-prescription supplements?'” states Jim.

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As part of his mid-life health kick, Jim had actually begun taking a green tea supplement since he had actually heard it may have heart advantages. These supplements have actually grown in appeal over the last few years, frequently breathlessly promoted online for their antioxidant advantages, and their expected capability to assist weight-loss and avoid cancer.

“I felt great then,” keeps in mind Jim, who resides in Prosper, north of Dallas. “I was strolling or running 30-to-60 minutes, 5 or 6 days a week.” He was working as a financing supervisor however wished to re-train as a doctor’s assistant. “I was taking 2 or 3 classes at a time in the evening and at weekends,” he remembers. When he ended up being ill, #peeee

He had actually been taking the green tea supplement for 2 to 3 months. According to Jim’s medical record this is the assumed reason for his liver injury. “It was stunning due to the fact that I ‘d just found out about the advantages,” keeps in mind Jim. “I ‘d not become aware of any issues.”

After his admission to health center, Jim entered into a “holding pattern”, awaiting the outcomes of a series of blood tests to develop the severity of his liver injury. About 3 weeks after his better half had actually very first discovered he looked ill, one of his liver medical professionals provided the news he had actually been fearing: “She stated you require a liver transplant. This needs to occur quick. You have days – you do not have a week.”

Jim was shocked.

“I was believing this looks extremely bleak for me. It truly crystallises what’s crucial in life. I wasn’t there thinking of tasks at work. I was considering various individuals that was necessary to me for various factors.”

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What is it about green tea supplements that might trigger damage at specific dosages to some individuals? Researchers do not understand for particular. Due to the fact that green tea has actually been intoxicated for countless years, supplements including its focused kind are managed in the United States and Europe as foods, not medications. That indicates that particular security screening has actually not been needed, so the clinical photo of how green tea supplements may impact our health is insufficient.

“If you are consuming modest quantities of green tea you’re really safe,” states Prof Herbert Bonkovsky, director of liver services at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, who has actually been tracking injuries connected to green tea supplements for almost 20 years. “The higher danger can be found in individuals who are taking these more focused extracts.”

Concern has actually concentrated on a possibly hazardous component called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, the most plentiful of the naturally taking place substances with antioxidant residential or commercial properties in green tea, called catechins. There are most likely to be a variety of elements that may make a private prone to hurt from EGCG consisting of genes, and the method supplements are utilized.

“Usually individuals are taking these green tea extracts attempting to drop weight, so they’re typically not consuming,” Dr Bonkovsky describes. “We understand from animal research studies that fasted animals take in a much greater portion of the catechins than do fat animals. There might well be other elements of other drugs, other chemicals, usage of alcohol that are likewise essential as customizing elements.”


Antioxidants are a group of vitamins and other substances that for lots of have actually handled amazing homes, assisting to drive the international market for supplements of all kinds, now worth more than £ 100bn each year.

Antioxidants fend off “complimentary radicals”, particles produced in our cells as they turn oxygen and food into energy. Simply as oxygen and water rust iron, a lot of totally free radicals can harm our cells.

In the 1950s, Prof Denham Harman theorised that complimentary radicals drove the procedure by which the body ages and might cause illness.

But some researchers now think that totally free radicals at particular levels might be useful for human health, and argue that the orthodox view of the last half century that anti-oxidants are an unalloyed excellent is dated.

While countless individuals take green tea supplements securely, a minimum of 80 cases of liver injury connected to green tea supplements have actually been reported all over the world, varying from lassitude and jaundice to cases needing liver transplants. Those damaged after taking green tea tablets have actually consisted of teens, like 17-year-old Madeline Papineau from Ontario, Canada who established liver and kidney injury, and an 81-year-old female identified with harmful intense liver disease.

A current examination by the European Food Safety Authority into the security of green tea concluded that catechins from green tea beverages are “normally safe”, however when taken as supplements catechin dosages at or above 800mg each day “might posture health issues”. The EFSA might not determine a safe dosage on the basis of offered information and required more research study to be performed.

The day after Jim was informed he required a liver transplant, remarkably he was informed an appropriate liver had actually been discovered. “I was elated. The telephone call that there was a match offered me hope that there would be something favorable on the other side of this for me,” he states.

The liver transplant conserved Jim’s life. 4 years later on he still has major health issues consisting of kidney illness that might need dialysis and a transplant in the future. He sees his liver and kidney physicians two times a year, and deals with persistent stomach discomfort.

“My life prior to was quite active. And now it’s far more inactive and I deal with tiredness,” he states.

It’s a “incredible true blessing”, as he puts it, that his supervisors enable him to work from house. “I might require a rest for 20 or 30 minutes throughout the day. I’m able to simply let my supervisor understand I’m going offline, I’ll be back.”

Jim is pursuing a suit versus the American company Vitacost, which offered the green tea supplement he took. “I’m hoping that they decide to put a really strong caution label on the item, on the site, let individuals understand prior to they purchase it,” he states.

Vitacost did not wish to discuss the legal case, however stated: “We take the security of our Vitacost brand name supplements really seriously and guarantee the quality of our items.”

Four years on, Jim reviews how his life which of his household altered after he took a green tea supplement.

“I didn’t anticipate damage. I anticipated that I may squander my cash, I might take these and they do not do a bit of excellent. I can accept that danger,” he states. “But the threat that it might trigger my liver to stop working, that’s a threat that’s expensive for someone to take.”

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