Yes! Black Panther’s badass innovator princess Shuri now has her own comic.

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Acclaimed dream author Nnedi Okorafor simply released a stand-alone comic for Black Panther’s princess Shuri.

Ask girls who saw the Marvel motion picture “Black Panther” who their preferred character was, and you’ll likely hear a definite, “Shuri!” It’s not tough to see why. The more youthful sibling of King T’Challa is wise, spunky, cool under pressure, and unapologetic in her badassery.

And now the genius princess has her own stand-alone comic. Nnedi Okorafor, known for her African-based sci-fi and dream books, is the author behind the brand-new comics, while respected artist Sam Spratt is showing the series.

Just the covers of the comics suffice to illegal a “Wakanda Forever!”

Shuri’s character in Black Panther resonated with women who have an interest in science and innovation, however specifically with ladies in the black neighborhood who do not typically see themselves well represented in a significant comics series.

And Shuri certainly does represent. The strength, development, and noticeably African identity she exhibits in the covers shared by the author and illustrator on Instagram will certainly motivate many ladies who see themselves in her. She is remarkable in every possible method.

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