‘Devoid of personality’: BBC verdict on early Bowie audition unearthed

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A brand-new documentary exposes the scathing termination of the BBC Talent Selection Group on among Bowies very first groups, the Lower Third

The makers of a brand-new BBC documentary about David Bowie ‘s early years as an artist have actually exposed the corporation’s dim view of his work at the time. In November 1965, his group the Lower Third failed their audition for the BBC’s Talent Selection Group, which was accountable for examining that any act fishing for BBC radio play satisfied their quality requirements, the Times reports .

One judge explained Bowie– then referred to as Davy Jones– as “a vocalist lacking character”. Another stated: “Singer not especially amazing. Regimens dull.” A 3rd stated: “I can’t discover fault with them musically– however there is no home entertainment in anything they do.” Bowie was explained by one as an “amateur sounding singer who sings incorrect notes and out of tune”.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/oct/09/david-bowie-lower-third-bbc-verdict-documentary-the-first-five-years

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