Montauk Conspiracy: A Kooky Theory About Time Travel, Aliens, And Mind Control

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Montauk Conspiracy: A Kooky Theory About Time Travel, Aliens, And Mind Control

The Montauk Project conspiracy, or the Philadelphia Experiment, is a real-life conspiracy.

“ The Montauk Project ” may be the craziest conspiracy theory of perpetuity just since it handles to integrate every possible other conspiracy into one massive ball of confusion. It rolls together time travel, Nazi gold, area aliens, mind control, teleportation, a fabricated moon landing, black helicopters, and the AIDS infection all in the type of supposed top-secret experiments performed at Camp Hero, AKA Montauk Air Force Station in Long Island, New York. Components of the Montauk Conspiracy are supposedly the basis of struck TELEVISION program

Origins of the Montauk Conspiracy: The books by Preston Nichols

Born in 1946 in Long Island, Preston Nichols declared to have degrees in psychology, engineering, and parapsychology. In 1983 he launched the very first of a series of books on the Montauk conspiracy called.

Nichols declares that his work was the outcome of his own deeply quelched mental memories of being associated with the Montauk Project. He declares the top-secret experiment was an extension of 1943’ s “ Philadelphia Experiment, ” AKA “ Project Rainbow, ” in which the United States federal government presumably attempted to make a Navy cruiser undetectable by controling an electro-magnetic field around it.

The website had actually initially been utilized by the United States in World War I and II to house huge weapon emplacements to discourage opponent attacks through the ocean. In the 1950s, while Camp Hero in Long Island was still being utilized as a radar center to prepare for Soviet attacks can be found in over the Atlantic, scientists tried to enhance on the Philadelphia explore an eye on studying the mental results of electro-magnetic fields. Among the objectives was to cause schizophrenia at the touch of a button. Since they considered it too unsafe, the United States Congress obviously declined a strategy for advancing the experiment. Obviously experiments were still carried out, moneyed by taken Nazi gold.

Nichols declares that these experiments were gotten by the United States federal government at some point in the 1960s at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, however after it ended up being clear that a lot of the experiments would need a big radar meal, it was relocated to the Air Force center on Montauk. State-of-the-art devices was transferred to Camp Hero, much of it saved in an underground bunker.

Among numerous things declared in Nichols’ s Montauk books are:

• The AIDS infection was produced in a lab there.

• The center at one point included a lots levels– the majority of them underground– and used numerous employees.

• There was a 50-foot titanium ziggurat on the facilities for no evident factor.

• Experiments were performed upon abducted homeless individuals, who sustained remarkable blasts of electro-magnetic radiation to see how it impacted them emotionally. The majority of them passed away.

• Experimental flying dishes were created there.

• Nikola Tesla, dad of modern-day electrical power, actually didn’t pass away in New York City in 1943; rather, his death was fabricated. He ultimately vacated to Long Island in the 1970s to head the Montauk Project.

Montauk Nikola Tesla, declared director of the Mountau Project.

• Tests that were suggested to boost subject ’ s psychic powers rendered them able to emerge items out of thin air. One supposed testtopic states that although he ended up being more psychic, he likewise experienced PTSD and persistent tension as an outcome.

• A “ Time Tunnel ” was established that enabled scientists to take a trip anywhere they desired in time or area. They presumably took a trip to satisfy Jesus Christ and likewise messed around with the Civil War and World War II to the point where the wars ’ result was entirely altered.

• Friendly extraterrestrials were come across through the Time Tunnel, and they easily shared innovation with the scientists.

• The USS Eldridge– the ship rendered unnoticeable throughout the Philadelphia Experiment– got drawn into hyperspace through the Time Tunnel and was caught there.

• Unfortunately, a scary alien beast discovered the Time Tunnel, smashing devices and consuming scientists, which resulted in the Time Tunnel being closed down and the beast eliminated.

• Nazi researchers from the notorious “ Operation Paperclip ” were hired to operate at the Montauk center.

• Experiments in mass psychology and fear, consisting of the mystical “ Men in Black, ” were established there.

• The “ Jersey Devil, ” a cryptozoological animal whose folklore extends back into the early 1800s, was supposedly produced there.

• Superhumans were produced in the lab, in addition to unique serums created to turn routine human beings into superhuman.

• Black helicopters were made at Montauk and utilized it as a landing base.

• The supposed “ Moon landing scam ” of 1969 was shot at the Montauk center.

• Kidnapped runaway kids were exposed to excruciating physical and psychological abuse developed to totally squash their identities. Numerous young boys didn ’ t make it through the experiments and were buried on the properties.

• In 1983, the teleportation experiments culminated in”a hole ripped in space-time in 1983. “


Montauk Today:&Camp Hero State Park

In 1981 the Air Force base at Camp Hero was closed down, which is precisely when odd theories about the Montauk Project started to emerge.

These days, the old scary radar station still stays, along with a”ghost town “of structures where employees on the Mountauk Project presumably slept. There has actually never ever been any proof– a minimum of none that’s been provided to the general public by the federal government– that there were ever “underground bunkers”at Montauk, much lessa 50-foot titanium pyramid or huge factory/laboratories where they madearea aliens, the Jersey Devil, and black helicopters.

People who’ve checked out the website state it’s the strangest”state park” they’ve ever seen which something simply does not feel ideal about the entire location. I think them. Something’s really unusual at that deserted radar station out there on Long Island.

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