Narcos: Mexico star Matt Letscher opens up about the scary part of filming in the drug-torn country

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Matt Letscher, left, and previous DEA representative James Kuykendall go to the Netflix Original Series”&Narcos: Mexico”unique screening at LA Live on Nov. 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, Calif.

A brand-new season of Netflix ’ s struck drama ‘ Narcos ’ is upon us and in its newest model intends to highlight the huge gamers within Mexico ’ s notorious drug trade, like Joaquin “ El Chapo ” Guzman, Kiki Camarena and James Kuykendall.

Series star Matt Letscher opened about the program ’ s success and the experience of shooting a narcotics drama in drug-torn Mexico.

“ I ’ m a routine for Season 4 of the program, so I invested all in 2015 in Mexico running around from hacienda to hacienda and it ’ s a quite cool thing, ” Letscher informed press reporters last month at the 19th Annual Emmys Golf Classic benefiting the Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles, Calif.

Letscher plays the function of James Kuykendall, who acted as the head of the Guadalajara DEA workplace in the 1980s. He detailed his experience shooting in Mexico as “ extremely favorable, ” however kept in mind the significance of staying on continuous alert at all times.

“ I didn ’ t feel any hazard at all operating in Mexico,”stated Letscher, who stars together with Michael Pena.

“It ’ s the 3rd time I ’ ve shot in Mexico and, as far as the basic population goes, the Mexican populated– they ’ re as caring and warm and hardworking as they ever were in the past, ” he stated. “ But that ’ s the frightening part about the risk that does exist down there– you won ’ t seem like you ’ re threatened till you all of a sudden are. ”


Last year, a “ Narcos ” area scout was assassinated after taking a trip to among Mexico ’ s most violent areas as he was searching for settings to strive the 4th season of the hit Netflix program.

The bullet-riddled body of Carlos Mu ñ oz Portal and his vehicle were discovered in a remote location in main Mexico, near the border of Hidalgo, which has among the nation’s greatest murder rates.

Despite the disaster, the “ Scandal ” alum kept that Netflix took enormous safety measure while recording the latest season and spared no cost in guaranteeing the security of its cast and team.

“ We were effectively looked after on ‘ Narcos, ’ “he discussed.”We had our own security information and we operated in Mexico City, which is mostly thought about to be a more secure location. All in all, it was an extremely favorable experience for me, and I believe for the Mexican team. ”

As “ Narcos ” makes every effort to sustain its historic precision in order to stay genuine, Letscher took things an actioneven more and looked for insight from Kuykendall, the guy he depicts in order to get first-hand accounts of the DEA ’ s approach to finding El Chapo.

“ [‘ Narcos’is] based upon genuine occasions and I was really playing a genuine person, James Kuykendall, who was the head of the Guadalajara DEA workplace in the early ’80s– and he ’ s still alive, so I decreased to Laredo, Texas, where he lives and invested a number of days with him, “Letscher remembered.

He included: “ We didn &rsquo ; t enter into any real drug mule tunnels or anything like that, however It ’ s a really effective time in American history, what we ’ re speaking about. We ’ re speaking about essentially the start of the war on drugs and the occasions that led up to it. ”

Letscher feels that it ’ s the lengths the seriesgoes to in order to protect the historic precision that permit it to thrive and inform an engaging story, and he keeps that “ Narcos: Mexico ” is no various.

“ We did do a great deal of research study– there ’ s a great deal of real discovered video that ‘ Narcos ’ will utilize in their production, and I believe that ’ s what provides it that unique sauce which grittiness, ” he stated. “ You understand you ’ re not simply depicting a burglars and policesthing, you ’ re discussing individuals who have in fact lived and passed away battling for what they thought in. ”

He regreted: “ I get to do this task that I ’ ve constantly dreamed about that I ’ m not actually proficient at, however individuals keep employing me for some factor, so this type of fits in and dovetails with my whole profession at this moment. ”

“Narcos: Mexico”is readily available now to stream on Netflix.

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