Posthumously Released Stan Lee Video Shows Intense Love He Had For Fans

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Stan Lee had an amazing relationship with his fans. The renowned comics author was a staple at comics conventions , and just stopped participating in when his health began to decrease. There’ s a factor Marvel Studios offered him a lot of cameos in their movies: fans like seeing him. And he desired them to understand, as this posthumously launched video programs, he enjoyed them, too.

Lee passed away Monday at the age of 95. On Wednesday, Lee’ s main Twitter account published a video that revealed the late co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Black Panther delicately speaking about the love he had for his fans.

“ I can not inform you just how much I like my fans, ” stated Lee in the clip. “ Sometimes, during the night, I’ m sitting here, and I’ m thinking, ‘ Ah, what ’ s everything about? ’ And then I get a letter from a fan, or I checked out something, or I see something, or I keep in mind something, and I understand, it ’ s so fortunate to have fans. Fans who truly appreciate you.”

After his death, celebs and fans paid moving homages to the comics legend. And the video tweeted on Wednesday makes it clear that he would have more than valued the love.

“ There ’ s something, if you think of it, that is fantastic about someone appreciating you as I appreciate them whom you’ ve never ever fulfilled, who might reside in another part of the world, ” he stated. “ But they care, and you have something in typical. And sometimes you get in touch with each other. This company of fans I believe is excellent, and I enjoy ’ em all. ”


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