The people shedding the fat through surgery

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Image copyright True Wonder/BBC Scotland
Image caption Alison envisioned at the start of her weight reduction journey

Alison is a self-confessed food addict who weighs 21st (133kg) and is thinking about extreme action to minimize her size.

She’s had a bad day which results in her tucking into her preferred Chinese takeaway with her child and grand-daughter.

Alison understands she needs to refrain from doing it however today she feels beat in her day-to-day fight to consume healthily.

“I need to not be consuming it, I’m suggested to be reducing weight,” she informs the BBC Scotland documentary Shedding the Fat .

“I’ve lost the battle with the devil.

“The devil won. The devil is a Chinese.”

Highest levels of weight problems

The battle with an unhealthy diet plan is one which is reproduced throughout the nation.

Scotland has among the greatest levels of weight problems worldwide, with about 65% of the adult population classified as obese with more than a countless them classified as overweight.

This develops a stress on health services and can result in sudden death due to persistent conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The 2 significant way of life elements related to the development of weight problems are absence of physical lack of exercise and bad diet plan.

Alison, who is 51 and resides in Ayrshire, states she wishes to drop weight to be around to take care of her child and her grandchildren.

“If I’m not here, who monitors them, who watches on them,” she states.

Her desire to drop weight has actually led her to the doors of the bariatric system at University Hospital Ayr.

It is among the couple of professional centres that carries out surgical treatment which assists those who require to slim down.

Image copyright True Wonder/BBC Scotland
Image caption Surgeon Majid Ali carries out an endoscopy on Stephen in preparation for his weight-loss surgical treatment

The surgical treatment decreases the size of the stomach so less food is consumed and absorbed.

This can be done by using a stomach band, placing a stomach balloon or producing a stomach sleeve to lower stomach capability.

In other operations the intestinal tracts can be bypassed to decrease absorption of food

The system’s medical director of surgical treatment and endoscopy is Majid Ali.

He has actually seen the damage triggered to the within the body and cautions of the toll of consuming unhealthy food.

He states: “Eating crisps resembles trading hours of your life, you need to ask yourself: ‘Is it worth it?’.”

Last year, 192 bariatric operations were carried out by NHS Scotland.

However, medical professionals state resources are minimal and they require to target clients who will benefit a lot of.


Crucially, this suggests those who are devoted to making way of life modifications for the much better.

“Surgery is just part of this journey, a great deal of things need to alter”, states Mr Ali.

Bariatric surgical treatment is not a simple alternative and there are dangers related to this kind of surgical treatment.

Extreme quantities of fat in the body can make it risky to administer a basic anaesthetic.

Stephen, likewise from Ayrshire, has actually been informed he requires to drop weight prior to he can be thought about for surgical treatment.

He weighs 26st (165kg) and has a body mass index (BMI) of 52, which is classified a morbidly overweight.

A healthy BMI need to be in between 18.5 and 25.

His excess weight indicates he can not yet be thought about for the surgical treatment that might minimize his weight and his diabetes.

Doctors desire him to slim down to reveal he is devoted to altering his methods.

But a fondness for “munchies” of pizza or a kebab after a “friendly” beverage at the weekend makes it hard.

Image copyright True Wonder/BBC Scotland
Image caption Stephen gets ready for surgical treatment to treat his type 2 diabetes

Stephen states being identified with diabetes has actually scared him.

He states: “I’ve got numerous illness now which’s when I understood I’ve got to do something.”

His spouse Tina, who satisfied Stephen in a junk food store, is fretted about his health.

She states: “I feel partially to blame for it. He wasn’t as huge when he relocated here.”

During an assessment at the healthcare facility, Mr Ali evaluates his weight-loss record over the previous months and concludes that Stephen isn’t taking the procedure seriously.

The cosmetic surgeon states psychological health has a part to play in keeping a healthy weight.

Mr Ali states: “The clients I handle normally have some mental luggage – low self stress and anxiety, esteem or anxiety.

“Bariatric surgical treatment can promise to individuals.

“It can increase the quality of their life, it can include years to their life and, for some, it can conserve their lives.”

Slice of toast

In the weeks leading up to her operation, Alison dropped the takeaways to follow a rigorous 800 calorie-a-day diet plan.

She weighs parts of chicken, selects the most affordable calorie veggie mix from her freezer and exercises whether including a spoonful of sauce will leave space for a piece of toast later on in the day.

Her dedication settles.

On the operating room Alison’s stomach is decreased in size by 90%, about 25% of her intestinal tracts are likewise bypassed and the brand-new smaller sized pouch will absorb the much smaller sized parts of food.

‘A brand-new journey’

Ten months after her stomach bypass she is 8 and a half stone (54kg) lighter and restoring her self-confidence.

Shopping for clothing is now a happiness, she states.

Alison states: “I feel better and much healthier, the better is still attempting to overtake the much healthier.

“The something surgical treatment has actually provided me is flexibility.”

Stephen has actually shed about 13lbs (6kg) and intends to have his stomach bypass prior to completion of the year.

“Then it’s the start of a brand-new journey,” he states.

Shedding the Fat is on BBC One Scotland on Monday 26 November at 21:00 GMT.

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