A Lena Dunham Show About Anna Delvey Is Happening Betches

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This week, The Cut released a profile on Lena Dunham. The piece is being hailed as a revitalizing appearance at female discomfort, and an illuminating profile on somebody from whom all of us presumed we ‘d heard ample. While the piece was certainly less unbearable than I feared it would be, one piece of details consisted of sufficed to destroy my day. Lena Dunham has a handle HBO to produce a series on phony German heiress (and genuine Russian fraudster) Anna Delvey . You might have missed out on that bit in the very long profile, however yes, a Lena Dunham reveal about Anna Delvey is apparently in the works.

In case you do not keep in mind Delvey’s story, here’s a fast refresher. Delvey burglarized the NYC socialite scene after a Parisian style internship. With unclear claims about wire transfers and generational wealth, she scammed her method into practically $300,000 in overdue costs for her elegant way of life. She even comprised a phony monetary consultant , whom she then exterminated when individuals grew suspicious. Last we spoke with her, she was in some way Instagramming from Riker’s Island. In other words, a baller through and through.

Me to Anna Delvey:

Lena Dunham, last we spoke with her, was making a program called Camping, of which nobody I understand has actually had the ability to swallow more than one episode. And yes, all of us saw all of Girls, however really few people felt eventually excellent about it. As far as professions go, Lena Dunham’s has actually aged about in addition to package of Chinese takeout I bought on Saturday night that’s still being in my refrigerator. Viewing As Anna Delvey’s story of scamming has actually been a brilliant area of happiness in an otherwise bleak news cycle, I’m not delighted about the potential customers of a Lena Dunham reveal about Anna Delvey. Like, destroy Williamsburg all you desire, however when you come for my fraudsters? That’s where I fix a limit.

The excellent news is that Lena isn’t the only individual who’s been provided the chance to equate Delvey’s scamming stories to the screen– we’ve understood for a while now that Shonda Rhimes was likewise tapped to produce a series for Netflix about her. Now, when I heard Shonda Rhimes was making her own Delvey program , I was delighted. Rhimes’ manage on hot, hectic drama is precisely what Delvey’s story requirements. We require secret love affairs, high-fashion montages, and consistent overlapping power plays. What we do not require is mournful shots of Delvey on the toilet while a Belle &&Sebastian tune plays.

The silver lining here? Whatever it appears like, the Lena Dunham reveal about Anna Delvey can’t potentially be offending and/or as bad as her adjustment of a Syrian refugee’s story will be. Cheers to that.

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