Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Are Officially Married Betches

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Pete and Ariana might not have actually made it down the aisle, however among the other whirlwind numbers of 2018 simply did. After a dating duration that lasted 10 minutes, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are married . For everybody that stated this relationship was a promotion stunt, you may still be right, however they’re at least actually devoted to it.

Nick and Priyanka are still in the middle of an extravagant, three-day event in India, and I’m honestly angered I wasn’t welcomed. The celebrations consist of 2 events, one standard Indian and one Christian, which Nick’s papa officiated/will be officiating/I do not actually comprehend the timeline of all this and likewise they’re in India so what day is it even? Whatever, the ethical of the story is that this entire thing is extremely additional and I’m mad I’m not there. For the Indian event, Nick will be riding in on a horse, which is standard, however likewise right out of my dreams from 2008.

Honestly, it was simple to be doubtful about this relationship from the start, however I’m happening. They both appear so really delighted in every image and interview, so why not go for it? They’re both well-known and hot and abundant, so there’s just a lot that might fail. Now, we simply have Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding event to eagerly anticipate, however I sense theirs will be a bit more low profile. We can’t all rent an Indian palace for our wedding event.

I’m still a little mad that my invite got lost in the mail, however hey, Meghan Markle isn’t there either, so a minimum of we have that in typical. The wedding event weekend isn’t even over yet, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing images from this sh * t for months to come. Congrats Nick and Priyanka, mazel tov. Or whatever they state in India.

Images: @priyankachopra/ Instagram

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