Horrifying Tiger Slaughterhouse Uncovered In Prague Thanks To 5-Year Investigation

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After years of examination, authorities in the Czech Republic have actually revealed a gruesome tiger slaughterhouse where dead animals were being processed for sale on the black market. Operation Trophy found the center in Prague, exposing a criminal network that was offering tiger parts for usage in standard Asian medications.

Five years after they started their examination, the group discovered a home filled with tiger pelts, meat, bones, and entire bodies. One just recently eliminated tiger was found in a garden shed, a bullet injury in its throat to prevent ruining its gorgeous — and important — coat.

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

Since 2013, lots of tiger parts have actually been taken by authorities in the Czech Republic. These consist of bones, teeth, claws, broth, and even hairs. While the Czech Republic may look like a not likely area for an illegal tiger trade , the nation has a big Vietnamese population, producing a need for tiger parts within the nation and supplying ties to traders and traffickers in Asia.

In Vietnam, the most typical tiger item is tiger bone medication, which is thought to assist joint issues like arthritis. There are countless captive tigers in Asia, a lot of which are reproduced thanks to the worth of their body parts.

In 2007, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) stated that tigers ought to not be reproduced for their body parts which tiger farming must be phased out. Thanks to the tremendous worth of tiger parts — tiger “ white wine ” is worth over $30,000 a case — this phasing out has yet to be attained.

In the Czech Republic, tigers can technically be reproduced to provide to zoos, circuses , and programs. Having actually seized lots of dead tiger parts, authorities chose to examine all live tigers kept in the nation in 2015. They discovered 174 tigers housed primarily in personal centers and found lots of disparities in the documents recording the deaths and transfer of these animals.

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

The tiger trade has actually just recently broadened in the Czech Republic thanks to a brand-new sort of kids’ s home entertainment– snuggling cubs. Unsurprisingly, the cubs just stay charming — and safe — for about a year approximately. They then may be utilized in circuses and programs for another couple of years, however when they reach sexual maturity they posture more of a threat, making them much more important dead than alive.

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

Operation Trophy included 175 customizeds officers, 40 law enforcement officer, 6 inspectors, 2 veterinarians, and a professional witness focused on well-being. The group found a breeders ’ center which was implied to house 44 tigers and 80 lions. 16 of these signed up tigers were missing out on. Tiger and bear skins, tiger claws, and a huge quantity of money were all taken from the home. The conditions the animals were kept in were “ a plain contrast to the standard ethological requirements for keeping [tigers], ” keeps in mind a CITES report on the examination.

Then, the detectives discovered where the bodies were processed. “ There were lots of bodies of animals in various phases of decay, a few of which were kept in freezers, however the decomposing carcasses were spread out around the plot or they were saved in various kinds of vessels, ” the report states. “ The horrible odor made the operation harder.”


Thankfully, the group handled to determine those supposedly included. Le Xuan Vu, a Vietnamese trader, would buy tigers from huge feline breeder Ludvik Berousek, who would then hand them over to searching lover Milos Hrozinek. Together, Hrozinek and Vu would then dismember the animals. The 3 males have actually been charged. Hrozinek is presently in custody while the other 2 are out on bail.

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

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