Authorities Now Investigating After Multiple Reports Of UFOs Spotted Off Irish Coast

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It seems like the start to Independence Day or, maybe, Attack the Block — reports of intense lights skyrocketing at “ huge ” speeds have actually been gotten by air traffic control service authorities in Shannon, County Kerry in southwest Ireland.

.When a British Airways pilot called in asking about military workouts, #ppppp> Things began last Friday at 6.47 am (regional time). She was flying an airplane on path to Montreal, Canada, when she identified a “extremely intense light”, which approached the left side of the airplane and after that “ quickly diverted to the north”, the BBC reports. It did not seem heading for an accident, she stated.

There were no military workouts occurring at that time however air traffic control service did get another report from a Virgin Atlantic pilot explaining “several things following the very same sort of trajectory”. The pilot stated he saw “2 intense lights” on the ideal side of the aircraft, which then continued to climb up away quickly. He believed they might be things or meteors returning to the Earth’ s environment.

Yet another pilot stated the speed of the item was “ huge ” , “ like Mach 2 ”– that is, a rate that is two times the speed of noise. Technically, this would make the flying things much and supersonic faster than your business routine airplane, which tend to take a trip at speeds of Mach 0.64, and approximately the exact same speed as a Concorde.

Officials have not yet exposed the nature of these UFOs spotted by “ a little number of airplane on Friday 9 November”, though chances they are the little green male flying dish kind are looking slim. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has stated it has actually submitted a report and will examine the weird activity “ under the regular personal event examination procedure.”


A representative from Shannon Airport has stated that they will not discuss the occurrence prior to the examination concludes. Prior to individuals on Twitter might come up with too lots of extravagant theories from Guinness-loving Martians to Donald Trump’s “Space Force” , Blackrock Castle Observatory swept in to moisten any excessive enjoyment.

Adding, for great procedure, that UFOs generally end up being weather condition balloons, drones, skydivers, and human-operated airplane.

Or a shooting star — which chairman of Astronomy Ireland, David Moo, informed the Irish Independent is the most likely description.

[H/T: The BBC ; the Irish Independent ]

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