Billy Connolly: ‘My art is my life now’

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Media caption Sir Billy Connolly on his health and his art

Sir Billy Connolly has stated his “art is his life now” as he revealed a brand-new collection of his illustrations in Glasgow.

Born on a Rainy Day is the 3rd instalment in the series of art work and consists of 25 brand-new sketches.

Speaking to BBC Scotland’s Jackie Bird, Sir Billy stated: “I simply began to draw not understanding what it was going to be, and it’s developed into this.”

On the topic of his health, he stated he often has “shoogly days” however otherwise he is “completely alright.”

In 2013, Sir Billy exposed he had actually been detected with Parkinson’s and prostate cancer on the exact same day, however he has actually considering that been provided the all-clear from cancer.

Idyllic life

Looking over his development from funny and acting to art, Sir Billy stated that sketching was his life now.

“I get up in the early morning and feed the fish. I capture them in the afternoon, and after that I draw and I have this picturesque life.

“I do not miss out on exploring for a minute. I’ve had my fill of it, I’ve done the huge and I’ve done the wee and existed and I’ve done it – I’m really pleased with that.”

Sir Billy discussed that where he now resides in Florida, he leads a primarily “confidential life”, however that when he is back in Scotland the response he delights in is among love.

Image copyright Paul Rogers
Image caption ‘Scary Chic’

“It has actually exceeded popularity into a better world where individuals treat me as if I’m associated to them; like I’m their cousin or something,” he stated.

Explaining how he relied on sketching, Sir Billy discussed: “I remained in Montreal about 10 years ago doing stand-up. It was an unpleasant day and I entered into an art store. I purchased a sketch book and some felt-tip pens – I believed it would stop me seeing the telly.

“I had actually never ever attracted my life.

“When I went house I stated to Pamela: ‘Look, I understand they’re crap, however inform me if you believe they’re improving?’ and she stated: ‘Yeah they’re certainly improving!’.”

Smiling, he included: “I’ve drawn a great deal of individuals with bags over their heads since I could not draw faces.”

National treasure

And asked in basic how he was feeling, Sir Billy stated: “I’m alright, I’m having a type of shoogly day today, the nerves and things, I’m sort of shaking a bit.

“It differs from day to day, today is somewhat shoogly, however otherwise I’m completely all right.”

During the interview. Sir Billy was inquired about his views on Scottish self-reliance and reacted by stating he did not understand how he felt, however he insisted he would not inform anybody what they ought to think.

He stated: “I speak with my child and her good friends, more youthful individuals, and they appear to be drawn towards self-reliance and I do not understand how I feel about it.

“I’ve never ever been for self-reliance, so I truly do not understand how I feel. I’m not informing anyone to be independent.”

Since his last exhibit of art work, the comic has actually been knighted for services to home entertainment and charity, and has actually been granted an honorary doctorate from the University of Strathclyde.

Nicola Duffy, gallery supervisor at Castle Fine Art, stated: “Billy Connolly is a real nationwide treasure and we could not feel more fortunate to show his work here in Glasgow.

“Billy’s art work has a distinct, amusing appeal which has actually constantly been extremely popular with his fans, and we can’t wait to invite them back to the gallery to see the most recent collection.”

The exhibit will run in between 16 and 30 November at Castle Fine Art on Queen Street.

You can see Billy Connolly’s interview with Jackie Bird on Reporting Scotland through the BBC iPlayer .

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