We Sold Everything And Moved Into An Old Truck To Travel And Show Our 4-Year-Old Son The Beauty Of Our Planet

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We are a household of 3 from Austria that offered all of our personal belongings and transformed an old military truck into our brand-new house.

Sick of the everyday rat race and hectic western world, we wished to have far more time together with our kid, inform and reveal him the charm, variety, and fragility of our world and chose to strike the roadway for an undefined time.

Although the concept, overlanding the world sounds quite romantic, a great deal of company, administration and great deals of technical problems with our truck were included.

Means, traveling by doing this can be frustrating and exceptionally tiring, however … it can likewise be so fulfilling with impressions, individuals and landscapes you just fulfill this method and see of life!

We have actually been on the method for 2 years now, driving through 24 nations and on our method to Australia.

This is our story in images from our very first year, driving overland from Austria to Vladivostok.

Stay tuned for more!

We began our journey through Europe finding brand-new locations with a motorcycle

What we likewise found was a terrific love we had for the outdoors

Our very first snowboarding stops were spectacular Greece and Turkey

This surreal location that advises of Avatar is still among our favorites

This was a best area for the night. Even better, in the early morning we were woken up by hot air balloons grazing the sky right above us

This is a picture catching the minute we got in Stars Valley in the Middle East

Getting stuck in the middle of the desert (where temperature levels rose to +50 degree celsius) paired with sandstorms were simply a couple of difficulties we needed to deal with

An euphoric trip through the Iranian desert

Even the kid has his work to do on a worldtrip

Never anticipate to be on holiday when you are overlanding the world. It is frequently more tiring than a life back house. Difficulties and difficulties with our truck quickly ended up being an everyday regimen. Broken transmission, near engine damage, damaged power steering, ripped radiator or damaged subframe were simply a couple of issues we needed to repair

Continuing the silk roadway through Uzbekistan

Until at last, we reached our cherished mountains in Tajikistan

We remained at his gorgeous lake for a number of days

Hindukush increasing above more than 7000m on the border to Afghanistan

And this was our very first huge turning point of the journey

The 2nd greatest mountain pass in the world on the Pamir Highway with 4657m

You can nearly see the absence of oxygen on our faces

Freedom — that&severe; s what you get in Central Asia

Riding horses in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Surrounded by countless Edelweiss

Ger, so called yurts, are all over Central Asia

On high mountain passes you still can discover snow (even in summertime)

Tien Shan Mountain Range

Huge canyons and strange landscapes invited us in the Stan nations

Beautiful Russia

Nothing much better than campfires under the galaxy

Camping area from a various point of view

It is constantly an unbelievable experience to fulfill individuals from various cultures, for instance, this Eagle Hunter

Or this Nomad in the Steppe of Mongolia

Sometimes you need to take threats to keep going

And yes, we had a great deal of frightening circumstances like this

Did I discuss that we like snowboarding?

No words required …

Mongolia was most likely the most unexpected nation we&intense; ve been up until now

The winter season is coming and it is getting cooler on the coast of Lake Baikal

Crossing Siberia with great deals of corrugated pistes and temperature levels at -30 degree celsius

Until we got to completion of the world in Vladivostok. That was the very first year and the very first part of our journey. Stay tuned for the next part!


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