13 Badass Astronaut & Cosmonaut Stories Everyone Should Hear

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  • it’s the last frontier AND in some way the least popular frontier. A couple years of effective shuttle bus launches passed undetected. A variety of orbital science experiments didn’t excite any person. Even the Space Race wasn’t the nation-gripping drama we chose it was retroactively. Why isn’t area travel catching more creativities? Why aren’t &individuals more stired about it? And would it assist if we did a rad podcast episode about the most kickass exploits in
  • all of area history?

    On today’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is signed up with by’American Dad’author, Cracked legend, and prince of &all our hearts Soren Bowie for an event of deep space heroics. They’ll go into the death-defying(and often, death-receiving) bravery that’s driven years of area expedition, despite the fact that just a couple of those strong explorers ended up being well-known in the after-effects. Plus, take pleasure in an unique perk story of how the best people headed out into deep space in the kind of an area probe.



    American Dad on TBS

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    Dispatches From Goddamn Space &(Cracked Video)

    Kennedy, Before Choosing the Moon:’I’m Not That Interested in Space'(The Atlantic)

    Pence promises America will go back to the moon. The history of such pledges recommends otherwise.( The Washington Post)

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    5 Famous Space Missions That Almost Ended In Disaster(Cracked)

    Meet the genuine ironman of spaceflight: Valery Polyakov(Ars Technica)

    March 22, 1995: Longest Human Space Adventure Ends( Wired)

    Farewell Neil Armstrong, the Ultimate Test Pilot(Wired )

    5 Soviet Space Programs That Prove Russia Was Insane(Cracked)

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    The First Woman in Space: Valentina Tereshkova(Mental Floss)

    STS-49 Mission Page(NASA )

    TP-82 Cosmonaut survival handgun (Wikipedia)

    Boldly, Where No Dog Had Gone Before(The New York Times)– piece about the Museum Of Jurassic Technology’s homage to Soviet area pets

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