Mr. Big was going to get killed off in ‘Sex and the City 3’ and thank goodness it’s not happening

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Mr. Big aka John James Preston was going to pass away in the '' SATC 3 ' film.

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For the Sex and the City motion picture franchise, the 3rd time will not be the appeal.

The much talked-about 3rd motion picture isn’t taking place, and understanding what we understand now, we’re delighted that it will not.

John James Preston, permanently the Mr. Big of our hearts, would apparently have actually been exterminated in the 3rd film.

That explosive piece of SATC info came out on Monday’s episode of the Origins podcast hosted by reporter James Andrew Miller. In the episode, which included interviews with all significant cast members (other than Kim Cattrall), Miller hinted that he has actually seen the script for the 3rd film prior to dropping the bombshell.

” [The script] require Mr. Big to pass away of a cardiovascular disease in the shower reasonably early in the film,” Miller stated.

That’s right, Mr. Big was going satisfy his sudden death in the convenience of his beautiful Fifth Avenue restroom.

This bombshell was dropped while Miller was attempting to get to the bottom of why star Kim Cattrall had actually declined to star in the not-happening 3rd motion picture. And obviously, among the (non-money associated) factors was that Cattrall didn’t believe that the script would have much to use for her character, Samantha Jones.

According to Miller, the primary focus of the script was Carrie’s sorrow over Mr. Big — not absolutely unlike the script of the very first motion picture, tbh — and not her relationship with the 3 other ladies.

While Cattrall was not up for Mr. Big passing away on her, the star playing him, Chris Noth, appeared fine with the terrible fate of his character.

“I truly dislike the corny things, that might be due to the fact that I’m a bit of a cynic,” Noth informed Miller on Origins. “I heard [the 3rd movie] was actually an exceptional script, most likely from having actually gained from, not the very first 2, however a minimum of the 2nd one.”

Not to be morbid, however we ‘d like to have actually seen the funeral clothing.

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