Sallie House: Americas Most Haunted Residence?

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Sallie House: America’ s Most Haunted Residence?

Perched near the banks of the Missouri River in Kansas, the Sallie House is simple little stone home ended up being the focus of extreme promotion in the 1990s when a couple reported that the hubby was being consistently assaulted and tortured by the ghost of a little woman called Sallie.

Sallie House

As legend has it, Sallie passed away from a messed up appendectomy around 1905. She obviously never ever forgave the physician and has actually consistently assaulted males– just males– who get in your home.

Apart from the ghost of a little woman leaving and assaulting males scratch and burn marks on them, the following paranormal phenomena have actually likewise been observed at Sallie House:

  • The noises of animals, women, ladies, kids, and males. Lots of strange voices, speaking audibly and in English, have actually been caught in your home utilizing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) taping innovation.
  • Mysterious thumps, knocks, thuds, and the noises of nonexistent furnishings moving.
  • Lights switching on and off on their own.
  • Bricks flying at individuals’ s goes out of no place when they venture down into the basement.
  • Pets barking at hidden items.
  • Locations in spaces that are oddly cold.
  • Fires emerging out of no place.
  • Image frames turned upside down.
  • “ Extreme smells ” such as the smell of burning sulfur.
  • Items levitating and moving.
  • Strangely formed and colored orbs appearing in photos taken at your home.
  • Stuffed animals– teddy bears, particularly– reorganizing themselves in an upstairs bed room.

Although Sallie House was integrated in the 1870s, almost all of the paranormal activity at what is now called “ Sallie House ” began in the 1990s when a young couple moved into this simple little white stone home on N. Second Street in Atchison, KS.

The Pickman Family’ s Two Years of Horror

Tony and Debra Pickman moved into your home while recently wed and Debra was pregnant with her child Taylor.

On the early morning of October 31, 1993 after getting house from work, Tony states he entered into the kitchen area to put himself a glass of milk when he was stunned by the sight of a girl gazing at him– and she appeared shocked at the sight of him, too. He dropped his glass to the flooring, where it shattered into pieces, and added frightened the stairs to get in touch with Debra. It was just later on that he remembered that the woman was using a little white gown that appeared like it originated from the 1800s.

According to Debra, Tony encountered their bed room out of breath and stated, “ I saw her, I saw her. ” When she asked who he saw, he stated, &ldquo

; Sallie ”:

She looked simply as genuine as you and I; innocent looking and sweet. If she was simply as curious, she had a stunned appearance on her face as. She wasn’ t frightening taking a look at all.

Over the next 2 years– and often on cam as movie teams were taping– Tony would unexpectedly end up being covered in bloody scratches and burn marks. If an undetectable force was limiting him, a couple of times he was knocked backwards onto the flooring and pinned down as.

Debra states that in an effort to calm Sallie’ s spirit, they brought her presents such as toy dolls. The attacks on Tony didn’ t stop:

Now, Tony would typically not acknowledge her, and on one celebration, after I left the space, leaving him lying on the sofa, she bit him on the back of his thigh. The bite did not break the skin however did leave teeth marks, in accordance of that of a kid. I put on’ t keep in mind why we didn’ t take images of this. I ought to likewise point out that [our child] Taylor was just a few months old and had no teeth. In addition, the areas of the teeth marks were such that Tony would have needed to have actually been a contortionist to have actually made them.

After 2 years, the Pickmans had sufficient and moved in other places. They returned about a years later on with psychic detectives. The very first couple of sees continued without occurrence.

But after a couple of safe sees, Debra states Tony was attacked once again:

Tony was extremely assaulted just minutes later on, being raised and tossed 4 feet in reverse into a door and not able to get up since a force was holding him down …. It was just the words, “ In the name of God let him go”, that allowed him to return on his feet to leave your house and its grip. We got away your house so quickly that we didn’ t notification the damage that the door striking the wall had actually done, however called the owner to let him understand what had actually occurred.

Other Ghosts Besides Sallie

According to Debra Pickman, numerous other spirits besides Sallie likewise infest your home:

  • Agnes Finney– child of the couple who owned your house longer than anybody else.
  • Brandon– a quickly inflamed “ dominant adult male ” with a common sense of humor who pranks grownups in order to make kids laugh.
  • Charles Finney– an older male with an effeminate singing affect who years ago contended as an ice skater while impersonated a woman.
  • Edith– a senile older lady whom everybody appears to enjoy.
  • Frank Jr.– a male who passed away in Kansas City a year after Sallie passed away when his mama bungled a suicide effort that eliminated him however that she endured.
  • Joanna Barnes– a “ dominant female ” who lived next door to Sallie House up until 1906 and whose ghostly voice was apparently recorded on audio.
  • Paul– a young servant kid who was lynched. It’ s uncertain what his relation is to your home, because slavery was over long prior to your home was developed.
  • Ryan– a relative of Sallie’ s who consults with a “
  • small accent. ” Tom Byrnes– a previous Civil War soldier who often appears in your home worn his military uniform.

Psychic Investigations

Just about every possible sort of paranormal detective has actually checked out Sallie House to identify what’ s occurring.

  • The devices they utilize consists of:
  • Digital and analog voice recorders
  • Electro-magnetic meters
  • Ecological meters
  • Splashing rods
  • Crystals
  • Pendulums

According to Debra Pickman, the agreement amongst psychics was this:

It has actually been stated that the unfavorable entity within your home appears to live in hole in the back of the basement is older than your home, that it is connected to the land. It is assumed that it fears particular strong living energies and attacks them or that it draws them closer to utilize the readily available energy …. A psychic as soon as stated, relating to a more current group examination, that the experiment we were carrying out in the basement with the tuning forks was raise human spirits out of the ground underneath us which this unfavorable and dark force was considerably outraged by this action.

Sallie House In Popular Culture

The Sallie House has actually been included on the following TELEVISION programs and motion pictures:

  • a made-for-TV movie by Paramount Pictures.
  • The Travel Channel&
  • rsquo; s Biography Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Channel 2 News (St. Joseph, MO)
  • Channel 4 News (Kansas City, KS)

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