A Child Teleported Into A BBC News Report And Everyone Freaked Out

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BBC audiences were left puzzled today when a kid appeared to teleport into a report.

Twitter user @realTewkesburyBC shared video of the strange event online Wednesday:

“ WTF … does anybody else see the kid teleport? ” the individual asked in a tweet.

The clip triggered numerous popular culture referrals in reaction:

So, has the BBC established some type of “ Star Trek ”-level transport innovation?

Not rather.

According to this thread from Tom Richell, the head of video at British news site The Independent, the unusual video arised from the modifying procedure:

Mystery resolved!


Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/child-teleported-bbc-news-viral-video-twitter_us_5c139467e4b0f60cfa281b9a

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