“Im Grateful to God for You”: Kathie Lee Gifford Shocks Fans With Tearful Goodbye on TODAY Show

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Kathie Lee Gifford surprised her “ Today ” program fans when she shared on Tuesday early morning that she’d be leaving the program for great.


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Alongside a psychological Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee and her co-host of 10 years thought back about the magnificent times they’ ve had together since they crossed courses in 2008.

The chief of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, had actually exposed the huge news in an e-mail just minutes prior to the co-hosts went live on air.

“ The minute you entered my life with both feet, whatever altered, ” stated Hoda through tears, mentioning that whatever great that has actually occurred to her has actually been in some way been marked by Kathie Lee’ s entryway into her life.

“ I keep in mind believing, ‘ How does someone enter your life and alter it like that?’ ” she included. “ And you did that for me.”


But Hoda wasn ’ t the only one grateful for the blessed relationship that has actually formed them into kindred spirits over the last years.

“ I fell for a stunning, gifted, amazing Egyptian goddess called Hoda, and an incredible group of people who work relentlessly and happily at their tasks, ” stated Kathie Lee .


“ We ’ re going to be pals for the rest of our lives, ” she continued. “ And I ’ m grateful to God for you. God ’ s utilized you in my life every bit as much as he ’ s utilized me in yours, sweety. That ’ s the method it goes. No crumbs on His table. ”


It ends up, Kathie Lee just had objectives to stick with “ Today ” for one year, however her deep connection to Hoda kept her there a lot longer.

Kathie Lee will stay [to co-host] “ Today ” with Hoda till April 7, 2019 — the day that marks her [11] -year anniversary on the program.

The grateful 65-year-old likewise offered a shoutout to fans who have actually followed them given that their simple starts:

“ I wish to thank anyone who’ s enjoyed all of us these years too since we began as like absolutely nothing … and we were outdoors on the wind and the plaza was blowing and the cards were flying. It was a catastrophe.&rdquo


In Oppenheim ’ s e-mail, he communicated to staff the numerous factors that Kathie Lee would be stepping far from the program:

“ As all of us understand, Kathie Lee’ s plate has actually been overruning recently with music, movie, and book tasks, and after offering us eleven [sic] amazing years, she’ s chose to focus her attention full-time on those other innovative ventures.&rdquo


Kathie Lee just recently launched a book entitled “ The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi ” and is quickly to be singing and acting in a movie entitled “ Then Came You ”. On top of a brand-new kids ’ s book and other charity ventures, the lady of lots of skills definitely has her hands complete in the years to come.

“ If you ’ re not being creative, you pass away on the vine, ” stated Kathie Lee the day after revealing she was leaving. “ I wish to do something lovely, and brand name brand-new and find out something brand name brand-new on the day I pass away.”


See more from Kathie Lee and Hoda’ s bittersweet farewell in the video listed below:

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