Hawaiian monk seal with eel stuck in nose caught on camera in ‘rare’ sighting

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The Hawaiian monk seal is a threatened types. (Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program/B. Dolan)&

Talk about a nosey annoyance.

A Hawaiian monk seal was identified over the summer season with an eel hanging out of its nose, according to a picture shared by the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program on Monday.

“ Mondays … it may not have actually been a great one for you however it needed to have actually been much better than an eel in your nose, ” the group, which belongs of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), composed.


Experts with the company informed Hawaii News Now the eel was seen hanging from the seal ’ s nose near the French Frigate Shoals over the summertime. Field scientists– who remained in the location at the time to study the seal population there– kept in mind the “ uncommon ” sighting and werefast to limit the animal prior to getting rid of the prolonged animal from its snout.

The elimination procedure apparently took less than a minute, according to the publication.

The eel most likely went into the monk seal ’ s nose when it was feeding in reef, as these sea animals “ feed by sticking their noses in reef and digging in sand, ” the group informed Hawaii News Now, keeping in mind”it is possible the eel was protecting itself or attempting to get away and required itself into the nose. ”

There’s likewise a possibility “ the seal regurgitated it and it headed out the incorrect location. Most likely the very first …, ” the group informed the publication.

Officials with the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program stated they have actually reported on the odd phenomenon in the past, discussing it was”very first kept in mind a couple of years back, “the group included.

“We have actually now discovered juvenile seals with eels stuck in their noses on numerous celebrations. In all cases, the eel was effectively eliminated and the seals were great. The eels, nevertheless, did not make it, ” the company composed.

The photo generated a range of jokes and talk about social networks, numerous users comparing the sighting to other uncommon– and hazardous– patterns amongst today ’ s youth, such as consuming Tide Pods and snorting prophylactics .

“ Where are these young seals discovering this eel smelling things from? Computer game? ” a single person joked.

“ First it was the cinnamon obstacle, then tide pods, then the ice difficulty, then snorting prophylactics, now snorting eels? ” a 2nd composed.

“ It begins with Tide Pods … ” another stated.

Hawaiian monk seals are “ among the most threatened seal types on the planet, ” according to the NOAA . While healing efforts have actually slowed the decreasing population, the “ existing numbers are just about one-third of historical population levels.”


These seals, which can holding their breath for 20 minutes and can dive almost 2,000 feet, are endemic to the Hawaiian island chain and are not discovered anywhere else on the planet.

Habitat loss, illness and deliberate killing, to name a few factors, are all elements which threaten the Hawaiian monk seal types.

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