‘Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas’ is an anti-colonialist fever dream

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Get in the vacation spirit/acknowledge the evils of commercialism with ''
Pink Christmas. '

Image: netflix

Netflix’ s Neo Yokio gets funnier when you keep in mind that in addition to being the frontman of Vampire Weekend and a capable writer, Ezra Koenig is an Ivy League giant.

He’ s the person your good friend is dating, who discovers a method a minimum of when per birthday celebration to mention that time he went to Columbia, or that thing he did at Columbia, or this strange TA he fulfilled at Columbia. It would be grating, however as far as your bestie’ s partners go, he’ s most likely the coolest one she’ s dated for longer than 3 months. You simply forgive him for it, and you let him inform his stories.

As Ryan Mandelbaum explained in his evaluation of Neo Yokio’ s initially season , the hyper-capitalist way of life of Kaz Kaan and his buddies appears to intentionally conjure up the class uniqueness present in real-life New York, as infiltrated the experience of the Ivy League.

Its vacation unique, Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas, does an exceptional task of leaning into that Columbian impact(the story ’ s frame starts with a robotic butler conjuring up the very firstlines of Homer ’ s Odyssey)while likewise … taking apart the principle of classist, colonialist empires.

Pink Christmas ’ s story occurs outside the canon of Neo Yokio, as whatever that takes place just takes place as part of a story Kaz ’ s butler comprises onthe fly. The unique usages that narrative liberty to get bolder and trippier than the very first season, which relies more on satire to get its message throughout. Where Neo Yokio asks audiences to make fun of the idle abundant, Pink Christmas has carte blanche to strongly and irrevocably take them down.

Pink Christmas Presents a brand-new character in Kaz ’ s auntie Angelique, who might or might not really exist in the universe of the real program. Angelique is the hard-assed auntie Agatha ’ s bohemian twin sibling, who immediately endears herself to the audience when Kaz uses to take her bags and she reactswith “ hell no, motherfucker ” while being otherwise charming to her nephew.

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