Taylor Swift kept tabs on stalkers at concert with facial recognition tech

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Taylor Swift'' s weird and smart usage of tech is utilized to keep stalkers in check.
Image: Don Arnold/TAS18/Getty Images

While facial acknowledgment is progressively being utilized by authorities to keep an eye on offenders, performers have actually utilized the tech also — to monitor stalkers.

As per Rolling Stone , at Taylor Swift’s Rose Bowl show in May, a kiosk was established where it was playing clips of the pop star’s practice session.

Little did concertgoers understand was that an electronic camera was concealing behind the kiosk’s screen, where a facial acknowledgment electronic camera was snapping pictures and moving them to a Nashville-based “command post.”

The images were then talked to a database of the vocalist’s recognized list of stalkers, which numbers in the hundreds.

“Everybody who passed would gaze and stop at it, and the software application would begin working,” Mike Downing, primary gatekeeper of Oak View Group, informed the publication. Downing existed to see the innovation in action, as a visitor of the business that makes the kiosks.

Although a smart usage of the innovation, it’s still quite scary. It likewise raises concerns about whether the images would be kept, or how they would be utilized in future.

But it’s easy to understand why Swift and her group have actually gone to such terrific lengths to keep her most troublesome fans in check.

Last week, a fan who got into her house, showered, and oversleeped her bed took a plea offer and will serve 6 months in jail. In September, Swift looked for a limiting order versus another fan who had actually sent out death dangers.

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