This Account Creates Collages of the Travel Photos You See Everywhere

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@insta_repeat is doing God’ s work. Their profile description amounts it up appropriately: “D à ©ŸŒ j à Vu Vibes ð Ÿ Œ ² Wander. Stroll. Duplicate. ”

The account, which is strangely enough ‘ validated ’, makes 3 × 4 collages of typical Instagram travel pictures that you most likely see obstructing your timeline. As standalone images in your feed they can be lovely, even motivating (or envy-inducing); however as collages like these it advises us that: creativity is difficult, social networks isn’ t reality, and you’ re special much like everybody else:-RRB-

Finally, it’ s simply for enjoyable. Please wear ’ t take this parody account– or social networks for that matter– too seriously!

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