New York Daily News Torches Trump With Blistering Grinch Cover

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The New York Daily News utilized its Saturday cover to tear into President Donald Trump over the federal government shutdown .

For its most current blistering front page, the tabloid portrayed Trump as Dr. Seuss ’ imaginary character The Grinch . The heading checks out: “ How The Trump Stole Christmas! ”

Trump’ s home town paper likewise consisted of verses from Seuss ’ kids ’ s book “ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! ” in its Twitter caption.

Its cover story called the shutdown, which started late Friday after Trump declined to sign a brand-new costs that didn’ t consisting of cash for his U.S.-Mexico border wall, “ a Christmas catastrophe. ”

It “ makes complex the lives ” of federal employees over the vacations, it included. It ’ s the current in a long line of covers that the publication has actually utilizedin current months to take goal at Trump:



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