Boom Supersonic nabs $100M to build its Mach 2.2 commercial airliner

One Denver-based start-up’s long-shot quote to move today’s industrial jets beyond supersonic speeds simply got a huge injection of money. Boom Supersonic , which is structure and developing what it calls the “world’ s initially financially practical supersonic airliner,” revealed today that they’ve closed a $100 million Series B financing round led by Emerson Capital. […]

25 things you do as an adult when you’ve experienced childhood emotional abuse.

Thinkstock photo via openeyed11. It has been said that “no one escapes childhood unscathed.” But sayings like these can have an especially significant meaning for a person who has experienced emotional abuse as a child. The effects of emotional abuse can be both debilitating and far-reaching, often extending out of childhood and into adolescence and […]