Man Shows What Every Mom Is Like, And Its Hilarious How Accurate He Is

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Sometimes the ones we satirize the most are the ones who are closest to our hearts — which particularly uses to our mommies. Comic Trey Kennedy published an amusing video on his page just entitled ‘ mamas ’ in which he provided all the most typical ‘ mom-isms.’

Image credits: treynkennedy

No matter where you originate from this satire makes certain to have at least a couple of relatable situations that you have actually experienced with your own mom. From yelling into the phone to not comprehending brand-new innovation and grumbling about the ocean of water that in some way winds up in the restroom Kennedy covers all of it. Due to the fact that we like, scroll down to view the complete video and to the mothers out there remember we tease!

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Across the web individuals might discover something in the video that was too relatable

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