CES is more than just cars. It’s also about electric motorcycles and flying cars.

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Harley-Davidson goes electrical at CES 2019.
Image: bridget bennett/ mashable

Everyone discuss how CES has actually ended up being the primary vehicle program of the year, pressing the Detroit Auto Show from its long-running time in January to June beginning in 2020 . It’s not simply automobiles or what goes in them on display screen at the tech program in Las Vegas.

Hold on tight for a few of the funkier, excessive principles, models, and even genuine production cars that compete for the spotlight at the huge tech exhibition. Here’s a collection of electrical flying lorries, electrical motorbikes, three-wheeled scooters, and far more. And, as constantly, we can’t forget the e-scooters.

Harley-Davidson electrical motorbike

Riding tidy with an electrical motorbike.

Image: bridget bennett/ mashable

The LiveWire — Harley-Davidson’s very first all-electric bike — was on display screen after the motorcycle-riding neighborhood discovered today that pre-orders are now open . The bike is anticipated to show up in August and will cost about $30,000.

This is not a principle lorry — it’s really coming, and quickly.

Personal flying car

The ElectraFly from Deseret UAS is a hybrid-electric one-person flying lorry. Getting somebody to voluntarily strap into the gadget may be a difficult sell. It’s still a model, however the business imagines this as a tool for military or emergency situation services. Ultimately the flying device wishes to end up being an air taxi. That’ll be rather the trip to hail.

Bell air taxi

The monstrous Nexus from helicopter business Bell could not be prevented — it was so big on the program flooring everybody observed.

It’s simply a principle of what on-demand flight might one day appear like. It’s extreme.

Pal-V flying automobile

Pal-V didn’t bring their Liberty flying automobile to CES, however they were revealing VR demonstrations of the hybrid car experience.

Drive mode.

Image: pal-v

Flight mode.

Image: pal-v

The Dutch business prepares to remove this year. Pal-V displayed the car/plane combination that seats 2 individuals and can drive or fly on the roadway. It’s been taking appointments to purchase the automobile and is anticipated to launching at some point this year.

Yamaha’s three-wheeled automobiles

Ready to roll!

Image: Sasha lekach/mashable

A three-wheeled motorbike seems like a tricycle with an effective engine, however Yamaha put its Niken on screen to reveal that this is a monster of a maker.

Next to it was the smaller sized, less challenging Tritown principle lorry — specifically a three-wheeled electrical scooter. Yamaha calls it a “compact electrical stand-up riding” lorry. The method you stand manages its balance.


Segway-Ninebot offers the scooter hardware for a great deal of e-scooter business like Bird, Lyft, Spin, and others. This year at CES, they displayed a brand-new design.

Meet the Shared Scooter Model Max, planned for duplicated usage and hard conditions on city streets.

Model Max is produced scooter fleets.

Image: segway-ninebot

Other battery-powered scooters were all over the program also, like the AppScooter from Etergo, which declares to have 150 miles of variety.

And you can’t forget the creature-like AT-AT-lookalike Elevate, a four-legged rescue lorry from Hyundai .

It’s method more than automobiles at CES.

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