The Shirk Report Volume 510

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Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will discover 20 amusing images, 10 fascinating posts and 5 amusing videos from the last 7 days of sorting. The majority of images discovered on Reddit; short articles from Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail; videos originate from all over. Any tips? Send out a note to


Ever forgotten how to consume?
Ever been mesmerized by a picture of food?
I see what you did there
Checkmate Super Blood Wolf Moon
“ I suggest he most likely wasn’ t even harmed anyhow ”
Wait for it
Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum
Spotted: this female utilizing loaves of bread to kneel down and reach the bottom rack
This reaction to a Lady Gaga tweet is best
Well this hit harder than it must have
Largest garbage panda I’ ve ever seen
Life comes at you quickly
Why do I discover this so rewarding
I’ ve been harbouring this regret for too long
Parenting can be so satisfying. Parenting
Show me something more charming
Okay this is close
Until next week


Why Your Cat Thinks You’ re a Huge, Unpredictable Ape
AI is much better at bluffing than expert bettors
The European Union simply cancelled McDonald€™â € ™ s hallmark for Big Macs. Wait, what?
I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible.
What I Learned from a Month on the Carnivore Diet
How a Group of Daring Bootleggers Created NASCAR
No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime
Why you can’ t tickle yourself
Where Amazon Returns Go to Be Resold by Hustlers
More savage than Caravaggio: the lady who retaliated in oil

5 VIDEOS + do that conga

Here’ s to a Delicious Weekend

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