Model reveals she used to subsist on cigarettes, black coffee, cocaine to maintain thin figure

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A design and influencer exposed she utilized to preserve her slim figure by surviving on black coffee, cigarettes&and drug. ( iStock)

Model Ruby Tuesday Matthews has actually surprised fans by honestly exposing she followed a rigorous diet plan of cigarettes, black coffee and drug to remain thin.

The social networks design from the beach town of Byron Bay in Australia made the surprise admission in a fan question-and-answer session on her social networks the other day when among her 193,000 Instagram fans asked how she preserved her 120-pound frame, describing it was down to her way of life of “ tapas and drug. ”

“ I did a great deal of drug, like a lot, so essentially I simply smoked cigarettes , had [black coffee] and did coke. ”

She went on to state that lots of people never ever actually comprehended how she might consume and still be so thin.

“ People put on ’ t recognize how simple it is to conceal something. Whether it ’ s dependency, anxiety, stress and anxiety, it ’ s simple to conceal those things. ”

The 25-year-oldthen dishedthe dirt on the whole, attractive influencer market, declaring she ’ s not the only “ influencer ” that followsthe exact same diet plan.

“ I require to be mindful what I ’ m stating here, however in the influencer market, everybody enjoys the baggie, ” she informed fans.

“ That is how most bodies are preserved … that ’ s how my body was preserved. ”


As part of the sincere conversation, Matthews, who is a mom-of-two, stated she quit drug 3 days prior to she discovered she was pregnant.

“ I didn ’ t understand I was pregnant. I was with a good friend and we were out at a celebration and I was feeling truly ill and went house. I had the worst hangover the next day, and I never ever utilized to get them. ”

After a pregnancy test exposed, she instantly ended up being worried her huge night out may have harmed her coming infant in some method, however she stated medical professionals assured her whatever was great.

“ I didn ’ t believe I was pregnant– I was truly thin and partying a lot and nobody idea I would have the ability to fall pregnant, ” she informed her fans.

She presently weighs 143 poundsand while she stated she truthfully doesn ’ t care as it ’ s “ simply a number ” she likewise shared her wish to lose some weight in a quote to feel healthier on the within.

Matthews likewise talked about a miscarriage she suffered when she was simply 16 years of ages, leading to a fight with anxiety and a suicide effort.

“ It was most likely among the hardest times in my entire life, ” she described.

“ To see 2 individuals be so relieved in you losing an infant was truly upsetting. ”

“ My mother and father didn ’ t understand what to do with me. ”

As anxiety threatened to thwart the teen ’ s life, pondering suicide, her moms and dads chose to put her on an airplane to Cambodia.

“ I worked and lived there for a while, which altered my life. ”


The social networks influencer hoped discussing her previous injury would direct others in a comparablebattle.

“ I have actually coped psychological health devils on and off for the majority of my life. It is a subject I am going to be speaking about a lot more this year, ” she stated.

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