Romeo, The World’s Loneliest Frog, May Have Finally Found His Juliet

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A frog that had actually been thought to be the last of its kind might lastly discover love prior to he, uh, croaks.

Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog recorded 10 years back in Bolivia, has actually invested the previous years in seclusion at Bolivia’ s Cochabamba Natural History Museum, in some cases making unanswered breeding calls . Staff biologists have actually been looking for him a mate in hopes of improving the types ’ numbers, according to the BBC.

It ’ s been a lonesome years for Romeo, and the matchmaking biologists tried some uncommon approaches, consisting of developing a profile in 2015, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

But unlike Shakespeare ’ s human Romeo, this lovelorn amphibian might get his pleased ending.

Scientists who just recently browsed a remote Bolivian cloud forest handled to discover 5 other Sehuencas water frogs, consisting of a woman that has actually been called ” Juliet, ” according to Yahoo.

Expedition leader Teresa Camacho Badani of the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’ Orbigny in Cochabamba City confessed this might be a case of revers bring in.

“ Romeo is actually calm and unwinded and doesn’ t move a great deal, ” Camacho Badini informed the BBC. Juliet, she stated, is “ actually energetic, she swims a lot and she consumes a lot and in some cases she attempts to get away.”

Romeo and Juliet sanctuary ’ t in fact headed out on the frog equivalent of a very first date. Presently, Juliet and the other just recently recorded frogs are being qua rantined so they accustom to their brand-new house, according to

In addition, the froggy yentas wish to make certain none are impacted by chytridiomycosis, a contagious illness that has actually declared the majority of the wild population.

“ We do not desire Romeo to get ill on his very first date! When the treatment is completed, we can lastly offer Romeo what we hope is a romantic encounter with his Juliet, ” Camacho Badani stated.


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