Doctor’s Handwriting Leads To Unfortunate Mix-Up With Erectile Dysfunction Cream And Eye Ointment

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A handwritten physicians ’ note is the regular butt of jokes, however a brand-new medical case research study is demonstrating how this old clich might possibly spell genuine threat for clients.

A lady in Scotland was unintentionally offered impotence cream rather of eye lotion for dry eyes since the chemist misread the medical professional’ s inferior handwriting, as detailed in BMJ Case Reports last month.

It’s relatively simple to see how the mistake happened. The impotence cream is called “ Vitaros ” and the ocular lube is called “ VitA-POS.” The mistake was not identified by the GP, pharmacist or the client, so she wound up using the cream to her eyes.

The active component in the impotence cream is alprostadil, a naturally taking place chemical that dilates capillary. When used to the skin (or, you understand, the penis) it will increase blood circulation to the location. As you can think of, it can acutely aggravate the eye.

Fortunately, she made a complete healing with some basic treatment of topical prescription antibiotics, steroids, and lubes, however the moderate chemical injury still triggered her to struggle with eye discomfort, blurred vision, soreness, and inflamed eyes.

” We wish to raise awareness that medications with comparable spellings exist,” Dr Magdalena Edington of the Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology in Glasgow composed in the case research study. “We motivate prescribers to make sure that handwritten prescriptions are printed in block capital letters to prevent comparable circumstances in the future.”

Don’t fret, she did likewise explain the apparent, which you are all no doubt thinking: “It is uncommon in this case that no person (consisting of the client, family doctor or giving pharmacist) questioned impotence cream being recommended to a female client, with ocular application guidelines.”


The research study authors state they believed this was an essential concern to raise in a case research study, to promote awareness and safe recommending abilities. These sort of mistakes occur an unexpected quantity, sometimes with lethal outcomes. In 2015, a report discovered that healthcare specialists in England make around 237 million prescription mess up each year, such as offering clients with the incorrect medication or recommending the incorrect dosage. It even recommends that these mistakes are accountable for 700 deaths each year, and might play a substantial consider the deaths as much as 22,300 others.

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