Pugs Are Not Cute, [Theyre] Malformed, Sick Animals That Shouldnt Exist: This Tumblr Thread May Change The Way You See Pugs

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Pugs go all the method back to the Chinese Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). Sources state that Chinese Emperors truly valued this type, and the puppies were kept in high-end and even safeguarded by soldiers. Now, they’ ve made their method into household houses all over the world. living with pugs isn’ t simply loving them. Just recently, one tumblr user shared an extreme yet genuine tirade on the type’ s health issue, and it appears like these puppies have a lot to stress over from their wrinkly head to tail. Continue scrolling to find out more about them!

Image credits: e_haya

People (consisting of pug owners) had a lot to state about this

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