Man Helps Thirsty Pigeon Enjoy Some Water From NYC Drinking Fountain

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A New York City pigeon got a wing up from kind complete stranger who switched on a drinking water fountain for the thirsty bird on Thursday.

A now-viral video, initially reported by the Staten Island Advance , reveals New Yorker Steven Pesantez seeing with what appears like pure glee while the bird guzzles water at Staten Island’ s ferryboat terminal. His buddy Mariel Mitkowski, who shot the video, can be heard exclaiming “ He was waiting on you! ” in the background.

Pesantez informed HuffPost that he and Mitkowski were waiting on the ferryboat when they identified the pigeon loitering on top of the water fountain.

“ We joked about how he was simply waiting there for somebody to assist him out, then we chose it would be amusing to tape-record me visiting him and assisting! ” he stated in an e-mail.

It appears like they had a common sense of what the pigeon desired.

“ It looked like he was enjoying it! ” stated Pesantez. “ He wasn ’ t taking a bath, so I ’ m quite sure he was delighting in a few of NYC ’ s finest faucet water. ”

He included that he ’ s pleased the video has actually been resonating with individuals.

“ I ’ m simply stired that the world is getting to share this wholesome minute in a time where there is a lot madness, ” he stated.

The Wild Bird Fund, a wildlife rehab center in Manhattan, kept in mind on Twitter that there are “ reputable reports ” that pigeons drinking from water fountains at the Staten Island ferryboat terminal is in fact a “ routine phenomenon.”

But it might not be so unexpected that pigeons have actually determined such a smart method to get a beverage because pigeons are a lot smarter than many individuals provide credit for. A 2015 research study released in the journal Cognition discovered that pigeons had the ability to find out to arrange 128 pictures properly into classifications like “ child, ” “ tree, ” “ flower, ” “ pet dog ” and “ cracker. ”

And while having any animal standing in a human drinking water fountain might not precisely be perfect (pigeon droppings do present “ modest health dangers ” to individuals, according to the NYC health department )the birds aren ’ t almost as unclean as some individuals believe they are. Ornithologist Paul Sweet informed Gizmodo in 2015 that pigeons are “ rather tidy, ” and really play a crucial function in cities tidying up waste left by people.

As for Pesantez, he ’ s absolutely a pigeon appreciator.

“ I never ever comprehended why individuals dislike them, ” he stated.

Correction: A previous variation of this story improperly specified that Gothamist was the very first news outlet to report on the video .




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