Over 100 Whales Still In Russian “Whale Jail” Months After First Spotted As Investigation Drags On

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Somewhere in the world of 100 belugas and killer whales are being cooped in what’s been called a “ whale prison ” by media in Russia and abroad. District attorneys are examining the confined quarters and possibly lethal conditions, particularly as the winter season chill freezes ice into the enclosures. A group should now work to get rid of the ice so the animals can emerge and breathe for air.

Activists fear the whales will be offered to water parks and fish tanks in China, which would be an outright neglect of worldwide laws. The issue occurs from reports of such precedent by the business in between 2013 and 2016, according to Russian Newspaper Novaya Gazeta . The business under examination are Bely Kit, Afalina Oceanarium DV, and Sochi Dolphinarium.

Although unlawful to offer the animals abroad, it is legal for the companies to offer the whales to regional Russian fish tanks. News outlets have actually questioned whether regional centers have the capability to take all the marine mammals. Whale on the Chinese black market can bring millions of dollars.

The circumstance very first made headings in November in 2015 when drone video footage exposed the whales ’ restricted cells. The whales have actually been apprehended given that summertime 2018.

Although local authorities have actually opened an examination into the capture of the mammals, they continue to withstand weak quarters as winter season makes their predicament even more hard. Experts state their health appears to be reducing and that more than a lots of the belugas are infants that most likely sanctuary’ t been weaned from their mom ’ s milk.


Legally, the capture of whales and killer whales is permitted academic and clinical functions. Calves and pregnant moms are emphatically prohibited.

A just recently launched video of the holding center reveals a crane raising a whale out of a container. For what factor stays unidentified at this time.

Three NGOs have actually submitted a suit versus numerous Russian federal government firms. 3 of the 4 business with ownership over the animals declare they were sourced lawfully. Bely Kit verified their strategies to offer the whales to fish tanks, according to National Geographic .

Meanwhile, Jean-Michel Cousteau, ocean specialist and ecologist (and boy of Jacques Cousteau ), has gotten in touch with Vladimir Putin to set them complimentary.

The director of Afalina LLC preserve their legal position to regional media : “ We acted within the structure of the existing legislation.”


Russian detectives have now released an upgraded reaction, stating: “ Investigators will immediately take detailed procedures to return all marine mammals to their natural environment.”


Whether any of the people included will be founded guilty of a criminal offense stays to be seen. The job now is for private investigators to develop seller intent and to inspect whether appropriate license requirements were followed.

One method to avoid such “ whale prisons ” from taking place in the future would be to prohibit the capture and sale of whales entirely — no loopholes. Some argue that nowadays it’ s possible to study with cutting edge innovation which the capture of marine wildlife for water parks is unjustified.

For now, it appears the state of the examination is rather uncertain

[H/T: National Geographic ]

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