What’s your area like for young people?

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Melton in Leicestershire is at the bottom of a list of locations to live if you’re under 26, BBC analysis recommends.

Variables thought about consist of access to psychological healthcare, typical lease costs and levels of joblessness.

The list ranks 378 regional authorities in England, Wales and Scotland from greatest to least expensive. Relative information for Northern Ireland wasn’t readily available.

Islington in London came top of the rankings, which belong to Radio 1 Newsbeat’s Know Your Place task.

The finest locations to live for youths are Bristol, Oxford and Glasgow.

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Know Your Place lets you examine how your city carries out in 11 various classifications.

The information, which was picked by BBC News, likewise takes a look at the variety of bars, clubs, clubs and music occasions in each regional authority, along with access to sports centers and 4G.

The job likewise performed a survey of more than 1,000 youths to assist guarantee that the procedures utilized are essential to them.

If you need to know more about where the information originates from and how your location was ranked, click here .

A 2nd interactive tool lets you pick which classifications are more vital to you and reveals 3 locations which carry out well in those classifications.

Image copyright Tom Pitcher Image caption Newsbeat asked A-level photography trainees from The Sir John Colfox Academy in West Dorset to take images of their area. Professional photographer Tom Pitcher stated:”I enjoy the spectacular surroundings and beach celebrations”.

Ellie Hadley has actually resided in Melton for the majority of her life.

“When I was more youthful I didn’t truly like it due to the fact that there wasn’t all that much and now I’m older, if you wish to choose a coffee or opt for lunch then it’s great,” she states.

“I believe the town’s quite, there’s loads of parks. I want to see more mixed drink bars and good locations to consume that do various type of food. We’ve got about 10 Italian locations.”

The 22-year-old states she would likewise like to see more child-friendly groups and play locations for her four-month-old child.

Image copyright Ellie Hadley
Image caption Ellie Hadley resides in Melton with her four-month-old child

The percentage of 16-25-year-olds in each location has actually likewise been taken a look at.

West Dorset – a location that includes Bridport, Dorchester and Lyme Regis and has actually an approximated population of 100,000 – has the most affordable percentage of under-26s in any regional authority.

Oxford has the greatest variety of youths as a percentage of its population.

You can likewise take a look at which locations carry out well in the classifications you’re interested in.

Giving each classification a star score will reveal the leading 3 locations ideal for you based upon your choices.

This interactive material needs a web connection and a contemporary internet browser, however here are some realities to tide you over:

The finest location for heading out is Westminster, which ratings 10/10 The youngest location is Oxford, where 26

  • %of individuals are aged 18-24 Blaenau Gwent, in Wales, has the most inexpensive lease per bed room, at £ 170 Hammersmith and Fulham, in London, is the very best location for buses Highland, in Scotland, has the most natural appeal
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