A $1500 foldable smartphone Razr is coming in February, report says

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These fingers are itchin' ' to turn once again!
Image: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

Hellooo, 2004 is calling, and it is STOKED!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lenovo and Verizon are quickly to reboot the renowned aughts Razr flip phone, with a 2019 twist — or need to we state … fold!!!

The report declares that Lenovo Group, Inc. has actually coordinated with Verizon as a special partner to offer a brand-new variation of the Razr, based upon the word of “individuals acquainted with the matter.”

The brand-new Razr will be a cellular phone, however it will have the ability to maintain its flip phone type due to the fact that the screen will be a collapsible. It will apparently appear as quickly as February (!!!), and cost $1500. Which, oops. That’s perhaps worth it for retro collapsible screen splendor?

Samsung, u up? Since unlike the collapsible phone Samsung lastly demoed in late 2018, this may simply be a collapsible phone individuals really desire. For much better or even worse, early aughts fond memories is all over (simply take a look at style and TELEVISION ). The Razr might be the ideal device for teenagers finding paradox and sentimental millennials.

As long as the Razr is returning, can we reboot Paris, too?

Image: Jun Sato/WireImage for MOTOROLA

The Motorola Razr, which came out in 2004, was the world’s finest selling mobile phone till the iPhone occurred in 2007 and took its thunder, and Motorola’s earnings. Google got Motorola in 2011, and sold its Motorola Mobility handset company to Lenovo in 2014.

Motorola tried to transform the Razr in 2011 with the Droid Razr M and Razr HD, to little success. It teased a Razr reboot in 2016, however has actually been mum given that. Collapsible screen innovation lastly coming true might be the technological advantage the Razr required to really stage a returned.

Is this collapsible Razr in fact coming quickly? Verizon decreased to discuss “reports and speculation.” Mashable has actually connected to Lenovo to validate the accuracy of the Journal’s report, and will upgrade this story when we hear back.

But in the mean time, flip-happy fingers crossed.

Read more: https://mashable.com/article/razr-reboot-foldable-smartphone-screen/

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