Kindle Fire tricks, giving the slip to Google and more: Tech Q&A

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Throw&Google Off&Your Scent

Q: I go locations with the people that I put on ’ t desire my spouse to understand. If you turn off area services– and this suggests my better half understands, I heard that Google still tracks you even. Exists anything I can do?

A: If you’re often visiting facilities that are humiliating, you may wish to consider the business you keep– simply stating. Still, many individuals are truly worried about the consistent tracking of our lives and gadgets. Why does the tech giant have a right to record our motions and keep that information permanently, and how could this perhaps benefit the typical customer? Google has great deals of descriptions, however if you ’ re worried about the tracking that your gadget carries out, you can change this function off whenever you desire. You ’ ll most likely need to given that many phones track your motions by default. Tapor click on this link to stop your phone from being tracked with these settings.

Scrub Old Accounts

Q: I utilized to have some risqu accounts online. I can ’ t keep in mind all the websites. With tweens now, how can I eliminate my past?

A: When you’re single, you can be as wild as you desire. You get wed, and you have to reveal restraint. Youngkids? Enjoy what you state. Tweens? Suddenly, your previous words and actions can have awful consequences and those insane things you performed in college noise inadvisable. Moms and dads are constantly attempting to sterilize their more youthful selves to set a fine example for their kids. The web makes this procedure much more hard since search histories and old accounts can resurface. Tap or click on this link to look for old accounts at numerous websites.

Switching to Fire

Q: I changed from an iPad to a Fire. Any ideas on utilizing it? I discover the iPad a lot simpler.

A: This has actually ended up being a traditional issue: iPads are simple and helpful to utilize, however they’re costly and carefully connected to the”Apple community.”Fire tablets are economical and connected to Amazon– and truly, who does not have an Amazon account? They do not have the prestige of an iPad, and they’re a little more difficult to find out. Considering that you’ve currently made the shift, the only method is forward, and you’ll more than happy to understand that Fire can be a great deal of enjoyable to utilize, after a little practice. Fire has a great variety of techniques, faster ways, and unique functions that might make you grateful you attempted something brand-new. Tap or click on this link for Fire Tablet techniques you will utilize once again and once again.

My Podcasts

Q: Do you have any podcasts? I ’d love to listen while I am doing my actions.

A: I’m so grateful you asked since I do have podcasts. Understand, I have actually enjoyed being a nationwide radio host for many years now, however podcasts do manage a level of flexibility that radio does not. You’ll get to hear sectors and stories about the tech world that you won’ t hear anywhere else, and they are skillfully produced by myself and the rest of the Komando group. Like a lot of effective podcasts nowadays, my own can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of sources. You can check out the iTunes or Google Play shops(simply look for “Komando,” and it must be the very first thing that turns up). You can likewise stream my podcast on Spotify or Pandora. If you own an Amazon Echo and have it linked to any of these services, state,”Alexa, play the Komando on Demand podcast, ” and she will play the most current episode. Tap or click to search my library of podcasts.

Protect Your Printer

Q: I put on ’ t understand how a printer can be hacked. Is this a misconception or can a hacker truly take control of your printer?

A: Yes, printers can be hacked. Due to the fact that many of what they print appears safe, this might not appear like a huge offer to numerous individuals. As tax season methods, a growing number of families will be producing incredibly individual details, and cyber-criminals are exceptionally skilled at taking little bits of information and taking identities– or clearing out savings account. The minute you link your printer to Wi-Fi, it ended up being as susceptible as any other gadget in your house. The life-span of a printer is quite short, and it’s possible for a smart hacker to dig through thrown-away hardware and download your print line. Your printer does not have to be a sitting duck, as long as you take preventative measures. Tap or click on this link to protect your printer so it can ’ t be pirated.

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