Duck Dynasty Star Makes Bonkers Claim: You Dont Need Health Care, Just Jesus

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“ Duck Dynasty ” patriarch Phil Robertson resurfaced on Fox Business on Tuesday to knock require universal healthcare.

Instead of medication, he stated, individuals simply require more Jesus:

Robertson complained Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) backing a “ Medicare for all ” strategy to develop a single-payer system for healthcare.

“ Kamala, I currently have healthcare. It’ s offered to me by God . Everlasting healthcare, ” he stated.

Host Neil Cavuto questioned more earthly health issues.

“ But individuals get ill in the world in human type, ” he stated.

Robertson responded:

“ The short-term reprieve is not worth it. I &

rsquo; m informing her, I have everlasting healthcare and it ’ s complimentary. Medical professionals can offer you a little momentaryreprieve, however they can not conserve you from physical death. The medical professionals who treat you, they pass away, too. ”

“ But you ’ re not dismissing that we require, individuals require healthcare, right? ” Cavuto asked.

“ I didn ’ t have healthcare for 50 years, ” Robertson stated.

Robertson is 72; he did not deal with the other 22 years.

Robertson has a history of making homophobic remarks based upon faith; in 2016, he knocked same-sex marital relationship as “ evil, ” “ wicked ” and “ wicked.


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