Verdict of Trumps second periodic physical exam: president in very good health

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President Trump remains in”great health”according to his physician. (&Reuters)

President Trump underwent his “ 2nd routine physical examination ” on Friday and was evaluated to be “ in excellent health ” by his doctor.

” This afternoon at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the president took part in a 2nd routine health examination, ” Sean P. Conley, DO, the doctor to the president, stated in a declaration.

“ Over the course of around 4 hours, I monitored the assessment and carried out with a panel of 11 various board-certified professionals. He did not go through any treatments needing sedation or anesthesia, ” Conley stated.

“ While the suggestions and reports are being settled, I more than happy to reveal the president of the United States remains in excellent health and I expect he will stay so throughout of his presidency, and beyond,”Conley stated. When a complete report on Trump’s test would be launched, #peeee

It wasn’t instantly clear.

Trump’s 2018 assessment accompanied much higher excitement and spotlight. His doctor at the time, Dr. Ronny Jackson, was peppered with numerous concerns by media members about the president’s psychological and physical wellness.

“ All medical information suggests the president is healthy which he will stay so throughout of his presidency, ” Jackson, a rear admiral in the Navy, stated at the time.

Jackson suggested that Trump do more dieting and workout. He stated Trump’s high blood pressure was 122 over 74, and his overall cholesterol was 223, which was greater than advised.

Jackson was later on chosen by the president to run the VA however he was required to withdraw his election following numerous accusations of drinking while on task.

The president just recently re-nominated Jackson for a 2nd star regardless of a continuous Pentagon examination versus him.


During his project for president in December 2015, Trump launched a letter from his long time individual doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein, forecasting he would be “ the healthiest specific ever chosen to presidency. ”

Bornstein later on informed NBC News that the president ’ s long time bodyguard and a lawyer, together with another male, robbed his workplace in 2015 to take the president ’ s medical records. Press secretary Sarah Sanders stated the White House just “ took belongings ” of Trump’s previous medical records from Bornstein, rejecting a “ raid ” ever took location, calling what took place “ basic operating treatment. ”

Fox News’Jennifer Earl and Alex Pappas added to this report.

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