Twitter Erupts After Melania Trump Vows To ‘Continue’ Fighting For Children Everywhere

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Melania Trump stated on Twitter Friday that she would keep defending “ kids ’ s wellness all over ” this year– and furious critics indicated caged kids and kids separated from their immigrant moms and dads by the Trump administration.

The very first girl tweeted 3 concerns she prepares to “ continue ” to deal with in 2019, consisting of kids’ s well-being, “ online security ” and battling “ abuse ” of addicting opioids. She significantly dropped the “ anti-bullying ” element in her tweet of her “ Be Best ” project, potentially since she has actually been assaulted for stopping working to stop President Donald Trump from insulting critics and calling them names in demeaning tweets.

It wasn’ t instantly clear what work the very first woman was describing. The tweet reveals her walking alone at the White House. She has been shot welcoming school groups and hosting occasions for kids at the White House, and she went to a detention center for immigrant kids last summertime after she used a questionable coat reading: “ I truly put on ’ t care, do you ? ”

A report released this month by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services figured out that thousands more migrant kids were separated from their moms and dads than had actually been formerly reported by the Trump administration. Whether they have actually been reunited with their moms and dads is unidentified , according to the report. Professionals have actually alerted of the long lasting injury suffered by kids separated from their moms and dads. Two young immigrant kids have actually passed away in federal custody.

Trump ’ s referral to the epidemic of deadly opioid overdoses in the country as “ abuse ” was an uncommon word option in the wake of severe criticism of tablet makers implicated of underplaying the damaging addicting nature of their items. The Massachusetts attorney general of the United States has actually taken legal action against Purdue Pharma and members of the Sackler household who own the business, declaring that they are “ personally accountable ” for stealthily offering highly addicting OxyContin.

Trump has actually gone to medical facilities dealing with kids of opioid-addicted moms and in 2017 hosted a roundtable on the concern at the White House. Gary Mendell, creator of a not-for-profit company combating dependency, informed The Washington Post late last year that neither the very first girl nor the president have “ been out there leading the charge ” versus the issue. “ Half the nation believes this is bad individuals doing bad things, rather of great individuals who have a persistent illness, ” he stated, including that the very first woman mightaffect the concern.

But it was the very first woman ’ s avowed dedication to kids that drew the most ire on Twitter.



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