Best Valentine’s Day gifts for her: Thoughtful items to up the romance and leave the clichs behind

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She'll love this stuff.
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Happy Valentine’s Day season, lovebirds. Here’s how to impress your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or that cute girl at work that you always flirt with in one step:

1. Don’t get her a cheap teddy bear or the on-sale necklace that Kay Jewelers is shoving down your throat.

That’s it, that’s the whole gift guide.

Okay, we’re not done yet, but you get the gist. While she’ll appreciate anything you get her (and a bouquet of roses is totally an acceptable add-on), we’re picking the bar up off the floor and giving you some legit suggestions this year. Why give jewelry every year when she’s been complaining about how crappy her laptop is?

Real romance isn’t about the amount of money you spend or picking out an obnoxious stuffed animal. It’s about showing that you pay attention to her complaints, hone in on her gushing about stuff she likes, and showing how much you appreciate what she does for you by doing something for her. You know, that deep stuff.

From wine and beauty subscriptions to smart tech to thoughtful personalized items, there’s an option for whatever type of lady you’ve got on your hands — even if that type is Picky as Hell.

Here are the best gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day:

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