Neutrinos And Astrology: Could This Ghost Particle Be the Force Behind Human Consciousness?

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Neutrinos And Astrology: Could This Ghost Particle’Be the Force Behind Human Consciousness?

Astrology is lastly making an engaging existence in contemporary society; though gradually however definitely making its resurgence in clinical truth. I’ ve released info on sociophysics and even how astrology can be evaluated (and has actually been evaluated) with the clinical techniques regardless of popular misunderstanding.

Of course, this short article is primarily for checking out (and amusing) some degree of quantum theory and possibly the underlying connections it needs to human advancement. By no methods is this clinically shown and is just meant to begin discussion on the subject.

First, let’ s discuss neutrinos.

What are they?

Neutrinos are thought about the foundation of our universe as they particles even smaller sized than electrons. These “ ghost particles ”, according to quantum theory, make up the quantum fields which are more than simply subatomic particles however likewise energy fields in which these subatomic particles communicate.

Where are they?

They travel through the poles of the Earth, through our bodies, all life in the world, and throughout our whole universe. They are transferred primarily from the sun and type from nuclear responses in stars and other celestial items.

What do they do?

Here’ s the twist: due to these particles collecting little to no atomic mass, they can ’ t engage with “ typical ” matter. Which is where researchers, theorists, and theorists alike are raising their eyebrows. We can in some way observe the results of protons, neutrons, electrons, and other particles; nevertheless, these little “ ghost ” particles appear to have “ no function ”.

So let me get this straight … …. Researchers have actually been itching to understand where the heck human feelings (awareness) originated from due to the fact that we can’ t see them (without checking out human habits)…. We lastly see a particle that we kind of can’ t see, however likewise can … …. That originated from huge bodies of energy in area … …. Which go through anything and whatever around us … … Which is portrayed in astrology.

But it gets weirder ….

According to the basic design for quantum fields, there are 12 basic subatomic particles.

Wow … … …. How freakin ’ hassle-free! 12 is a familiar number … … oh yeah! Possibly since there’ s 12 zodiac indications.

Okay, let’ s begin with the reality neutrinos conjoin with the 3 particles of life: tau, electron, and muon particles. They each act likewise; nevertheless, each brings a various mass where the muon particle is 200x higher than the electron while the tau particle is 3000x higher.

This is where astrology is growing a growing number of possible. What has 3 in astrology? Techniques, which astrology portrays as how energy is processed and changed particularly through awareness. From there we see how the 12 indications and 4 aspects can be partitioned into 3 methods. All of this is shown on a “ brand-new duration table ” where the rows and columns of these 12 particles are interrelated in some way.

Let ’ s have a look at the Tesla Code:

Nicolas Tesla, understood for his developments in engineering and science, joined science, innovation, mathematics, and as I am particularly concentrating on: human awareness. The Tesla Code worries this universal algorithm where, in vortex mathematics, whatever amounts to 9, 3, and 6. Conceptually speaking, these numbers are technically not physical and in fact govern the quantum world.

Now have a look back at the link/table. Quantum theorists can ’ t inform you why there’s 12 overall while their energetic homes break down into threes. They ’ ve attempted. They have no clinical description.

This is among things there in some cases the instinctive matters as much as, if not more than, the sensible. If there ’ s something we ought to draw from this, it ’ s that we can ’ t completely comprehend deep spacearound and within us without incorporating the viewpoints of social, physical, and lives sciences.

> Similarly to Tesla and comprehending even particle systems of electrical power, it pertains to demonstrate how deep space within us and the human interactions act precisely like that of electrical power. If our universe is in theory broadening, which can just be finished with energy which needs matter, then that indicates mankind and the awareness driving our presence is broadening too.


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