Here’s everything we know about Pokmon Sword and Shield

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Pokmon fans rejoiced today as a brand-new generation of animals and video games were revealed. Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield are the 2 brand-new Pokmon video games that will be concerning Nintendo Switch in late 2019. Similar to every brand-new core Pokmon video game, there’s a wealth of details to sort through, so settle back like a Snorlax and let us inform you whatever you require to understand about Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield .

What is Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield?

Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield are the 2 brand-new core Pokmon video games pertaining to Nintendo Switch. These are the very first core series Pokmon video games to come to the platform, as Pokmon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokmon Let’s Go, Eevee were reduced 3D variations of the initial video games that likewise simulated and collaborated with some aspects of the Pokmon Go mobile video game. Here’s the main Nintendo Direct video that premiered video footage and information of Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield .

As with each core Pokmon video game prior to it, Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield will happen in a brand-new area, this time called the Galar area. Gamers can anticipate a choice of brand-new Pokmon, consisting of brand-new starter Pokmon that will begin the experience with their gamers.

The Galar area appears like a relatively simple Pokmon area. There are cities and towns, some paths that cut through large stretches of nature (consisting of a big lake), and even a snowy area at the northern end of the map. One especially notable area is a European-looking city that’s house to a big clocktower, similar to Big Ben in London.

Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield gameplay

It appears like Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield will follow the common pattern for Pokmon video games. As a brand-new fitness instructor, you’ll head out on an experience with among 3 starter Pokmon. You’ll then travel your method throughout the Galar area till you most likely beat some sort of faction, health club, or competitor leaders. The Pokmon Company and Game Freak have not launched any story information, however previous Pokmon video games have actually started branching off into multi-installment stories, like Pokmon Black/White and Pokmon Black/White 2 . Those video games informed relatively engaging tales of numerous factions battling to manage or free Pokmon for their own functions, so there’s a completely great chance we’ll get something a bit more involved than “go beat all the fitness center leaders” in Shield and Sword.


Most significantly, the gameplay has actually been provided a substantial visual upgrade. Previous 3DS video games have actually seen the Pokmon series shift from 2D to 3D (with some alternate POVs as the gamer gets in a brand-new area), Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield have actually plainly upped the video game. Gamers will check out a totally 3D world with numerous video camera angles that change from a top-down 3D point of view to 2.5 D as the gamer checks out through tighter locations like mines.

What are the brand-new starter Pokmon in Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield!.?.!?


As with every brand-new core Pokmon video game, there are 3 brand-new Pokmon to choose from the start of the video game. Among these Pokmon will accompany you on your journey.

1) Grookey

Grookey is grass-type Pokmon who Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield director Shigeru Ohmori stated is a excessively curious and naughty animal.

2) Scorbunny

Scorbunny is a fire-type Pokmon that looks like a bunny. You can see in the Nintendo Direct video that the lawn he strolls on catches on fire, which need to be excellent for bringing the person into the carpeted living-room.

3) Sobble

Sobble, a water-type lizard Pokmon, is currently showing to be a fan favorite. His shy disposition and invisibility powers are showing too charming to overlook.

Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield release date

There’s no specific release date for Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield yet, however like previous core Pokemon titles, they’ll launch concurrently in “late 2019.”


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