App stalkers, robocall defenses and more: Tech Q&A

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Is GPS the brand-new Y2K?

Q: Is it real thatall GPS systems will quit working on April 6? This is huge news nobody is speaking about!

A: If you’re hearing this for the very first time and believe,” That seems like Y2K,”you’re not alone. The issue, and its results are shockingly comparable to the ones we feared in 1999. When a 20-year cycle sounded eons away, numerous of our existing systems were built in an extremely various time. The clock is ticking, and April 6 can undoubtedly trigger some issues. How considerable are they? And will motorists begin weaving into ditches since their GPS gadgets have gone crazy? The information will come as a relief to many people, yet not all. Tap or click on this link to prep for the GPS crisis of 2019 .

Stop apps from tracking you

Q: I heard you state on your program that countless apps are tracking us. Exists a list so that I can eliminate them from my phone?

A: This problem is made complex since in a lot of cases, we desire our apps to track us. Some apps may be worthless unless they understand where we lie. Netflix requires to understand your nation to supply nation-specific material. MapMyRun requires to understand your specific place to track the range you run and the number of calories you ’ ve burned. Issues emerge when apps gather this information without your understanding, or utilize it for dubious functions, or continue to track you even after you ’ ve turned that function off. There are legions of apps that do exactly these things, and lots of must be prevented or eliminated at all expenses. Tap or click on this link to find out about the countless apps that constantly track you .

Watch Komando TELEVISION

Q: I saw your TELEVISION program. I actually liked it a lot. Is it likewise offered online?

A: There ’ s in fact a fair bit to see on YouTube, all set and totally free to stream. Some videos like this one about faster ways has more than 1.6 million views. There is likewise a large range of seeing choices, from an hour-long episode about AI and iPhone burglars to another episode about repairing sluggish Wi-Fi and a museum that utilizes AI, both of which aired on Bloomberg TELEVISION. You can likewise discover my radio sections, which have actually been published in a video format, along with a host of videos that we discover fascinating, consisting of classic dramas from the Golden Age of Radio. Tap or click on this link to visit my YouTube Channel .

Dial Back the Robocalls

Q: Myth or reality, Ms. Komando. If I press * 77, will that stop robocallers on my phone?

A: This is essential: DO NOT EVER call * 77 up until you understand precisely what you’re doing. I do not indicate to yell, however * 77 ways various things to various phones. In specific parts of the nation, you can call * 77, and you will reach emergency situation services. Due to the fact that they deal with every call as a possible emergency situation, calling them by mishap is a waste of resources. That stated, you’re partially best: In specific situations and from specific gadgets, you can utilize the * 77 technique to obstruct a confidential caller. When this technique was very first established, it was tailored towards landlines with Caller ID, and it can still work for a great deal of individuals. You ’ ll desire to validate that it works for your phone prior to you attempt it since you might end up with a really various outcome. Keep in mind that smart devices have a great deal of other technical methods for lowering the variety of inbound robocalls. Tap or click on this link to get more information about the * 77 robocall system .


Q: My wise TELEVISION has a cam and microphone. Is it spying on me and what it sees in my home?

A: The very first concern is this: Can somebody spy on you through your wise TELEVISION, utilizing your cam and microphone? The response to that concern is a definite yes. Since they were very first launched on the marketplace, clever TVs have actually been afflicted by hacks and cyber-crime, and the market has actually had a hard time to avoid the seepage. Part of the factor clever TVs have actually brought in a lot attention is that they’re normally located in your living-room, right in the middle of your domestic life, and the electronic camera can catch massive quantities of everyday activity. Enjoy any household for a couple of days and you learn more about their routines, their weak points and how to benefit from them. Now for your concern: Is somebody spying on you? There are specific methods to learn. Tap or click on this link to stop your wise TELEVISION from spying on you .

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