Napkin, genealogy site leads to arrest in 1993 murder case

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This undated picture supplied by the Hennepin County Sheriff ’ s Office reveals Jerry Westrom, who was launched from prison after publishing bail Feb. 15, 2019.(&Hennepin County Sheriff ’ s Office through AP)

The murder suspect avoided cops for years, till he got a hankering for a hotdog at a hockey video game.

Jerry Westrom, 52, consumed the hotdog while viewing his child play hockey, then he cleaned his confront with a napkin and tossed it away.

Westrom did not understand that while he enjoyed the hockey video game, cops were seeing him.

Police recovered the napkin Westrom disposed of and discovered his DNA matched that gathered at the scene of the 1993 cold-case murder of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann “Jeanie”Childs. Westrom, who was charged with second-degree murder recently, published$500,000 bail and was launched from prison following a court hearing where his other half, kids and 20 other fans searched from the gallery.

Westrom, who rejects participation in the murder, got onto the radar of detectives after they benefited from advances in DNA innovation in 2015 to rethink at the unsolved murder.

A search on an online origins site showed up Westrom as a possible suspect. The FBI helped in the event.

After he was apprehended recently, cops got more DNA and discovered additional proof– sperm matching discovered on a comforter and towel in the victim ’ s restroom– connecting him to the murder scene, according to The New York Times.


Several members of Childs ‘household were at the hearing in Hennepin County District Court.

“ We all hope Jeanne ’ s household can lastly discover peace as an outcome of this solid effort by representatives and officers, ” Jill Sanborn, the unique representative in charge of the Minneapolis department of the F.B.I., stated in a declaration.

Westrom’s attorney, Steven Meshbesher, informed the court that his customer, a business person, had actually resided in Minnesota his whole life and wasn’t a flight threat.

” What we’ve got is a really unsolved case and it was charged, in my viewpoint, too soon,”Meshbesher stated.

According to court files, Childs’naked body was discovered in her apartment or condo in a location understood for prostitution. She had actually been stabbed several times all over her body, and blood covered the walls of her bed room, living space and restroom, according to a warrant. Due to the fact that the shower had actually been left turned on, #peeee

The restroom was flooding. Palm, finger and foot prints were found at the scene, detectives stated.

After scoring a DNA match on the origins site, detectives took a look at Westrom ’ s social networks accounts and found out that he would be at the hockey video game recently.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman informed press reporters recently that detectives utilized “ a genealogy business you see marketed on TELEVISION. If a relative of Westrom or the business owner himself put the hereditary information on the website, ”

It is uncertain.

Westrom’ s next court is arranged for March 13.

The Associated Press added to this report.

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