Flavia, The World’s “Saddest” Elephant, Dies At 47

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Known as the world’ s “ saddest ” elephant, Flavia has actually passed away in captivity at the age of 47 years of ages.

The female elephant was separated from her herd at the age of 3 and has actually invested the last 43 years residing in holding cell at the Cordoba Zoo in southern Spain. According to Spanish paper The Local , Flavia experienced a “ deep anxiety ” that had actually affected her deteriorating health and weight-loss over the last 6 months. She was apparently euthanized after collapsing in her enclosure previously this month.

“ On March 1, 2019, Crdoba awakened with the unfortunate news of the death of our precious elephant Flavia, ” zoo personnel stated in a YouTube homage to the Asian elephant. “ With this audiovisual, we wish to pay homage for having actually accompanied us for more than 40 years teaching us to look after their types, their environment and the environment at the hands of their closest household: the general public employees of the Zoo of Crdoba.”


Flavia’ s lonesome presence was for a long time at the center of the criticism of keeping social and extremely smart animals in captivity. In the wild, elephants can live two times as long as their captive equivalents in part due to the fact that of their essential wide-encompassing varieties and familial bonds. Scientists think that weight problems and tension most likely add to the sudden death of captive elephants.

Animal rights group PACMA had actually been dealing with Cordoba over the in 2015 in an effort to move her to a sanctuary in hopes of enhancing her health.

” Flavia was my exact same age and throughout my 45 years of life I have actually had the ability to have all sort of relationships and experiences. I have actually taken a trip, I have actually enjoyed my pastimes and quality time with my enjoyed ones. Flavia has actually been avoided. Throughout all those years she has actually been alone and slave in the zoo of Crdoba. We hope that no animal will go through this once again, ” stated PACMA president Silvia Barquero in a declaration .

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