Jimmy Kimmel ‘Deals’ Supercut Mocks Trump’s North Korea Walkaway

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Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday satirized President Donald Trump for concluding his Vietnam top with North Korean totalitarian Kim Jong Un without a nuclear offer .

“ Trump actually got more carried out in his top with Kim Kardashian than Kim Jong Un, ” joked Kimmel. “ There ’ s no arrangement, Kim will not quit his nuclear program, Trump gets home small emptyhanded.”

Kimmel stated it was “ a genuine shock that Donald Trump didn’ t negotiate since that ’ s his thing, he ’ s the offer man. He composed The Art of the Deal. No one makes a larger offer about making huge offers than Donald Trump.”

He then aired a supercut video of Trump consistently boasting about making “ lots ” and being the “ finest dealmaker, ” prior to concluding: “ He flew all the method over there and got absolutely nothing, like the Fyre Festival.”

Check out the clip above, and Kimmel’ s handle the congressional statement of Trump’ s previous fixer and attorney, Michael Cohen, listed below:


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