This adorable experiment created a real-life Dug the Dog from ‘Up’

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We all keep in mind Dug the Dog, the adorably wacky puppy from Pixar’s Up who had the ability to interact his sensations and ideas thanks to some clever innovation.

Well, now we’re one action more detailed to such innovation being genuine, thanks to some trainees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The group describes in the above video how they constructed the user interface, which checks out the neural reactions of Alma, a charming golden retriever. They’re then equated and provide a pre-recorded singing reaction.

How precise is the gadget? That’s arguable, to state the least. There’s a mountain of research study and dispute about how canines “believe” that’s yet to be settled. Still, it’s a cool — and very charming — experiment.

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