Alex Trebek Addresses Fans After Cancer Diagnosis

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“ Jeopardy ” host Alex Trebek is back on the task almost a week after he revealed he has actually been identified with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

The program resumed production on Tuesday, and Trebek was back behind the lectern, according to CNN.

The program tapes numerous episodes a day, however Trebek took time out on Thursday to tweet a thank you message to the countless individuals and one supercomputer who wanted him well.

“ Hi everybody, I simply wan na take a couple of minutes to state thanks to the– think it or not– numerous countless individuals who have actually sent out in tweets, texts, e-mails , cards, and letters wanting me well following my current health statement, ” Trebek stated in the clip listed below. “ I ’ ve spoken with previous entrants– even Watson, the IBM computer system sent me a recover card! ”

Trebek included hewas touched by the warm words in addition to the prayers sent out to him by fans.

“ I ’ m a fortunate person, ” he stated.

Trebek revealed his cancer medical diagnosis on Twitter March 6 and stated he prepared “ to beat the low survival rate stats for this illness. ”

He joked he had a great factor to remain healthy: He ’ s under agreement till 2022.



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